Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Busy Day

Ok people, everything is in random order because I lazy to switch around already. I wanna finally finish this post so I can FINALLY move on to the next one which is fun-ner.

I know how I can make this fun! I'm gonna leave all the jumbled pictures and videos where they are and YOU try and guess what sequence they happened in, ok? I'm gonna tell you what I did that whole day (25th April 2009) and you match the pictures to the events. I've already helped you by uploading some of the pictures in the proper sequence.

Ready? Get set... GO!

Morning: Went to the Pottery Barn (Gardenku) with Megan and Chris under Kelab Pelancongan. We spent a lot of time cam-whoring and I got a picture of me 'looking like a guy holding a pink phone' according to Chris but 'looking like a male model selling a pink phone' according to me. It's the freshly-cut hair... We got to paint cute, little cups though! Then we made some clay pots by rolling the clay together and then played with the clay-shaping machine thing. The Japanese people there were really friendly and reminded Megan and I of a few old Japanese words we know such as DAME! HAHAHHAHA!!! Oh ya and after that we had Co-op lunch at Little Cottage 2.

Afternoon-Night: Went to school for my final campfire! *sobs* Definitely gonna miss Rangers when I leave school... Anyway, waited 3 hours for Heah Yee Ling and Li Mei to come but wisely spent that time taking pictures of people and things. For more info, go visit my Ranger blog. That's the other side of me *insert evil laughter*...

Next night: Went to a new restaurant called Smokey Jack where they have ribs.... Mmmmm... Ribs..... *drools* Anyway, I just LOVE the decor there! So interesting and innovative! They actually have a pipe thing (CLUE!) right in the middle of the place and you can sit in it! They also have vines creeping up the ceiling and the toilet is really grungy-looking... I did the lala pose while eating and I think I look damn KAWAII (reminder to Chris: that means cute)! I also made a video proving that oxygen is needed for combustion to occur! It's lame but cool!

I think that's it! Have fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Myra Goes Swimming

Today I went swimming. Took some pictures of the nice view but lazy to get from my handphone so....

Anyway, I was swimming happily and I thought of Fred and suddenly I started singing: 'This pool is big enough for me because I don't ask for a lot!'

I know... Too much Fred... And then I kept going, 'This pool is tiny!'

And my brother had to go, 'It is not!'

So then I was like, 'OMG THERE'S A SHARK!' and then I proceeded to shout in slow motion. Hahahhahaha!!!!!!

And then, 'Just kidding it's a toy shark! I got you!' Hahahahhaha! I know I OD-ed on Fred but I can't help myself!

But some other stuff happened that had nothing to do with Fred. I was trying to pretend that I was drowning underwater and pushed myself under but I'm just too buoyant! I kept floating back up...

So I swam deep, deep underwater and started pretending to struggle! That worked!

Next I remembered that movie Toh Annie let us watch (Saved!) where the girl said she and her boyfriend tell each other secrets underwater so I went underwater and told my brother, 'I wish we had a waterproof camera!' But I don't think he got it...

Then The next thing that happened can't be my fault because:
#1: I was half blind without my glasses, and
#2: my goggles were misted up.

There was this man at the side of the pool stretching and doing other warm-up stuff so I assumed it was my dad because my dad got out of the pool and I told my brother, 'Look at your father! What's he doing?!'

And my brother went, 'That's not dad. Dad's over there.' *points at some other direction*

And then he was laughing and I was laughing and my laugh is really loud and it was so embarrassing that I just went underwater to laugh so that no one would hear me...


Check out Fred if you don't know him.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Is The Story Of Sick

Hey, ya'll! Chris just asked why I'm using that word but I like it. Anyways, unless you've read my post on Sick, you won't know what the lyrics mean. So read it first.

This parody is dedicated to my best friend, Sick who had a horrible experience. Sing it to the song Story of A Girl by Three Doors Down. I was gonna make a video of me singing while playing on the guitar but I didn't have time so you'll have to be content with just looking at the lyrics and imagining me singing them. By the way, I skipped the 2nd verse and went straight to the pre-chorus. Here we go! Hope you enjoy it!

This is the story of a girl
Who went to but a water bottle
And while she stood there helping her friend choose
A man came up to tell her
"You're beautiful!"

How many times did she hear
A man compliment her and sound so sincere
How many times in this year
Did she see the same man and not run in fear
As long as she stood there waiting
With her wild, curly hair and sugar-sweet smile
How could he just keep away
He was creepy and old with skin black as night

Her clothes always looked so sexy that way
Her hair always falls so wold and astray
But he never seems to run out of things to say


Well she heard what he said and just ran away
He tried to follow her but she didn't wanna stay
So she ran as fast as she could and shouted, "Mayday!"

[Chorus] x 2

This is the story of a girl
Who got her wits and was sensible
And we're glad she's safe and not kidnapped somewhere
'cause we absolutely love her
When she swears
When she swears!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is a mockery of Ty's post. No offense, Ty, but you know me...

Anyway I'm gonna be talking about my recent exam results. A few things happened for the first time.

First Thing #1: I didn't fail Biology. This is my second year taking Biology and this year's teacher is WAAAY better than last year's so maybe I was more motivated. But actually I only got 48 marks and I only managed to pass after pleading with the teacher to give me 1 mark but pass is pass.

First Thing #2: I didn't fail Sejarah. Actually this is the second time I passed Sejarah but last time I barely got 50. This time I got 56! Oh yeah! Big improvement. 3% increase if I'm not wrong.

First Thing #3: I got 100 marks in two subjects. I've gotten 100 marks before in Primary school la, just not in High school... I'm happy but yet disappointed that this exam doesn't count in my report card. Figures...

First Thing #4: I failed Chinese. Well, actually I think I failed before in Form 3 but this is the first time I got 44. Or rather 43.5. I have no one to blame but myself but you can't blame me because I didn't read ming2 ju4 for PMR and I still got an A. So I figured that maybe I could pass without reading but turns out I was wrong...

Ok I think only 4 things are firsts. Let's think about something else to blog about.

I feel like I have no life right now but that's ok because tomorrow I'm getting one. I'm going out. Oh yeah I just remembered! I tried on make-up again last Sunday because my mum was putting hers on and I want to be like my mum.

So she put on eyeliner for me (which made me cry because it like, nearly touched my eye!) and then on my eyelid, she put dark blue eyeshadow with a light colour above it. And guess what? I looked not bad! (When I told Chris this, she said make-up is supposed to make you look good because it's supposed to enhance your beauty but I don't have a good history with make-up. They usually make me look beat up or like a drag queen.) So I have my mum to thank for making me look half-good! Thanks, mum!

I've got a picture and you can't really see the make-up but whatever.

I also tried on my mum's dress last last week! It's really grungy and boring-looking but I love the top! It looks so witchy and I pretended I was someone from Merlin. (I know, I know... The lame-ness...) I LOVE the sleeves! So nice to play with but the whole outfit looks very lao ah ee so I'll probably never wear it. Unless I'm going to a costume party or I'm only wearing the top with some other pants.

ps You're not allowed to laugh my pictures because you'll hurt my feelings and I'll have to go through the Great Depression.

Con Or Not?

My friend Sick is too lazy to blog so I'm sort of blogging on her behalf. Pretend this came from Sick's blog. She told me this story herself.

Today, she went to Gurney Plaza with Phoebe and they were looking at water bottles in Parkson Grand when this African guy came up to Sick and asked her, 'How are you?'

Sick was kind of shocked that a stranger (especially a foreigner) was speaking to her and just answered, 'I'm great. How are you?'

The guy then proceeded with, 'I'm fine. What's your name?'

After Sick answered him, he asked how old she was and she just said, '16.'

At this point, I was scolding Sick for telling a total stranger personal details but she said she was 'blur' and 'freaked out'. So then get this - the guy tells her 'You're beautiful.'

Naturally, Sick freaks out even more and 'scrammed'. Her words, not mine. So she chased after Phoebe who had walked away laughing. But the African guy made as if he was gonna walk towards them and gestured for Sick to go to him. Sick ran even further and got out of there.

Thinking she was talking about a young and maybe good-looking African dude, I asked her if he asked her out. However, she told me he was old (in his thirties), ugly and had yellow, bloodshot eyes and that's why it was totally EW!

So I told my mum and she said what I said, 'Don't talk to strangers.' And when my dad overheard the story, he said, 'Don't talk to strangers, they can con you and you won't know. They touch your hand also can put you under their spell already.'

Moral of the story: When a total stranger comes up to you and compliments you, run for your life.