Monday, April 4, 2011


HALLOOOOO PEOPLE! (read that the way PistolShrimps says 'HALLOOO YOUTUBE!')

I realise I've abandoned my blog for about a year already and it has been decaying bit by bit in that period of time but GUESS WHAT?! I'm blogging again! At least I'm blogging ONE POST. So.... if I abandon my blog all over again after today you can't blame me! :P

The person you have to thank for inspiring to blog again is Tan Yi Ling. Just 'cause she mentioned I haven't blogged in a long time. XD Today's post is gonna be about my latest updates!! Plus I just wanna see if anyone actually looks at this thing. Megan, still got your RSS feed? Hahah bet not! Now that you no longer use your pc. I think....


First up, I resigned from work. Yeah.... Major change I needa get used to. Today's the first day I am no longer a part of the Haagen-Dazs junior crew and I don't feel the pain yet. But maybe that's 'cause I don't usually work weekdays anyway. :P I even made sure I have a jam-packed weekend all planned out this weekend to distract me from.... stuff.... HOWEVER! I have the best workmates on Earth and they bought me 8 SLICES of Secret Recipe cake as a farewell party for me. THANKS SO MUCH YOU GUYS though I know you guys don't know my blog exists! They made my weekend an extremely happy one. :D

Next up, someone said something that made me MELTTTTTTT!!! Very sweet sentence that shall not be mentioned here. But that made me happy too! With a great big dopey grin!!!

Another awesome thing! My darling, Charlie uploaded another video, looking oh-so-charming with his wavy brown hair and pretty eyes!! Going 'AHHHHHHHHHHHH' all over the place and rubbing his nose with a bowl and making his cute Charlie faces and making brownies that I just might try because my mum said they looked nice. Michael Aranda and some other girl that looks pretty was in it too and Michael is HOT!

Now for something that hasn't happened yet but is GOING TO happen! I'm making Oreo Cheesecake tomorrow!!! AND GUESS WHAT?! Just for reading this post, I'm gonna give YOU a slice! That's right, YOU!! Don't look over your shoulder, I'm talking to YOU! So come back in 24 hours and I'll have a slice of Oreo Cheesecake waiting for you! :D NO JOKE!

Is this post long enough? Do I need pictures? Oh crap maybe I do... Hang on I'll upload some..

Picture I drew in Little Cottage 2

Gotta love free pints.... Mmmmm...

Farewell cake!!

My bro forced to take a pic with me!

Charlie <3