Saturday, January 31, 2009

MMMR January 2009

Title: Promise Me
Author: Harlan Coben
Rating: *****

What it's about:
Myron Bolitar (I know! what kind of name is that?) is an ex-basketball player who's career came to a sudden halt after he injured his knee. Now he's the representitive (sorta like a lawyer) of famous people and he - well, I don't actually know what he does besides represent them.... I haven't finished the book!

So he did something really stupid (kinda) and made 2 high school girls promise that they'd call him if they ever needed someone to drive them back if they were drunk. Which means that they won't let anyone who's drunk, drive them home. And he also promises that he won't mention anything to their parents if they call him for help. He says he'll fetch them wherever, no questions asked.

It was easy making that promise, but he didn't realise how hard it would be until it actually happened...

One night, one of the girls, Aimee (who's also his best friend's daughter) calls him and asks him to give her a lift from a party. After he picks her up, he gets .....

I just realised I'm rambling? And I'm kinda telling the whole story? So I think I'll stop there. I'm just gonna say that Aimee and another girl go missing and Myron feels guilty as he was the last to see Aimee and he promises her mother he'll find her no matter what...

But I wanna add in that he has an awesome best friend called Win (short forWindsor Horne Lockwood III), and I just wished I has a best friend like Win because he is just THE BOMB! He is simply LOADED, he can fight, he has loads of connections everywhere, you know he's always got your back, he is EVERYTHING YOU CAN WISH FOR IN A FRIEND! Best of all, HE'S SUPER FUNNY! I just LOVE Myron and Win's humour! Makes me laugh out loud for real!

(*Ahem* Not that I don't like my own best friends... And I know he's fictional, but still....)

Hehhehheh... As I said on top, I didn't finish the book... So I don't know what the spoilers are.... Hehhehheh.....

What I think:
I think this book is awesome! It has everything you can possibly hope for! Besides fairies and vampires, of course... It has romance, humour, crazy people, good-looking hunks.......

I didn't really want to read it at first. My mum recommended it to me and I know she loves reading crime books. I thought it was one of those mystery books where someone dies, the detective is called in, after questioning a few people, they find the murderer and it's the wife or something..... Something along those lines. But its not! It's funny and interesting and cute and funny! I'm so glad I listened to my mum for once...

I would recommend this book this book to everybody! It's worth a read!

Friday, January 30, 2009


My dad says I should learn to laugh more like a lady. Those who know me know that my laugh is super loud and super annoying (sometimes). Well, guess what? I found someone who laughs LOUDER than me! HAH! In fact, it was so surprising, it had Chris and I ROFL-ing! (It was Sick's sister's friend who laughed)

I was in Sick's house 'partying' and I also got to meet her adorable little cousin, Catherine! She has a really mature air and she looks at you like she's thinking 'what on earth are you making those stupid noises for?' and she frowns! It's just so cute!!! You'll know what I mean when you watch this video. Note that Chris looks like a kid who's jealous and wants attention. Haha! Check out the baby's face!

That night we dressed up really femininely! Wearing skirts! And Sick even put on make-up! So girly! Too bad Megan couldn't come.. We would've loved to force her to dress up to... Admire our feminine-ness!

Thw whole night long, Sick was mostly helping her mum with the party and stuff but Chris and I spent our whole night cam-whoring! We only took a few precious shots of her before and after the party... I gave Chris and Sick tattoos. Fake ones of course. Sick didn't take a picture of hers but I got one of Chris and mine.

The only un-girly part of the day was Chris rejecting me and not knowing how to walk properly. Tut tut, Chris.... This is the second time you've pushed me away! I know the video's the wrong way round but it'll straighten itself out!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Santa's GAY????????

Hey, people. I went to Hong Kong last December and while I was at the airport, I saw Santa fooling around with his snowman!

I kid you not! He was fooling around behind Mrs Claus's back! Quick, someone! Tell her!

That's all for this post. Nothing much to say except, he's a sly old dog.....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Karaoke From HELL!!!!!!!

Last Sunday, the whole gang met up at Ty's reunion. She finally came back from Australia and we were out to celebrate! We went for karaoke at Deluxcious and we had a BLAST!

Check out the Videos we took.

Caution: People with sensitive hearing are discouraged from viewing.

Directions: Turn the volume to the lowest possible and slowly start increasing the sound. Best watched while wearing ear-plugs.

Ty even made us a video! As a response for the video we made her.

ps. the 'TL' on my forehead stands for 'Taylor Lautner', not 'tu lan'.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


School has started.

Classes have been moved.

I'M NOT NEAR MY FRIENDS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Chris.

Chris, who was in the class right next to me last year, is now in a WHOLE DIFFERENT BLOCK! I'm sad, Chris.

Sick, who was right above me last year, is now AT LEAST 3 MINUTES AWAY! You are even further, Chris.

At least I can say that Megan has moved closer to me.... But not you, Chris.

All I know is, I can't stay fully awake while I'm in school because I'm not really a morning person and I don't have my normal dose of 'best-friend-hang-out-time'. Especially you, Chris.

SO I'M DEPRESSED! Because of you, Chris.

Not really.... I have great teachers this year! Not the same as yours, Chris.