Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Whatever

Hey people who actually read my blog! Long time no blog! Ok so now I'm just gonna show you guys the videos MJCM has been busy making... Enjoy them!

Ok so now you've watched that, I'm gonna tell you what happened to me today.

Today my school celebrated Teacher's Day and after that Chris, Sick and I had to stay for Hari Koperasi so we could get our certificate. So Chris followed me home because I wanted to bathe...

For some reason, the school's big gate wasn't open so we had to go out through the super corridor and since everybody had to get out through the super corridor, there was a 'traffic jam' in there.

Chris was walking in front of me, holding the rose we bought from this year's YE and everybody was staring at her 'cause she was the only person holding a flower. They were probably wondering if she forgot to give it to a teacher or someone gave it to her or don't know what else.

Anyway, so there were 3 or 4 Form 3 girls walking behind me and I heard them talking really loud. They were saying, "Is that her? Yes! I think its her!"

"No la.. Not her..."

"Yes! I recognize her!"

"No! She doesn't look the same! It's not her!"

"It IS her! You ask Hui Min and see..."

So I was wondering who they were talking about. Then I thought it'd be funny if they were talking about someone who could plainly hear them and I smiled to myself...

Then I saw 1 of the girls from the corner of my eye and she was looking in my direction so I turned around to see who they were looking at and it was..... ME!

I was quite surprised when I turned around and all of them were looking directly at me..

Then they still continued their conversation of "its her/its not her".

I whispered to Chris, "Chris, I think the people behind me are talking about me..."

And Chris also turned around to look.. Then she laughed.

Then we got to the traffic light and while we were waiting, I pointed out the 3 girls to Chris. The 3 girls were still looking at me/Chris so i asked Chris, "Are they looking at you or me?"

And she said, "You."

So I was kind of shocked 'cause I don't even recognize them from anywhere and I wondered why they recognize me....

Chris said maybe they saw the Shape Me Ad video and recognized me but I don't know...

Oh ya and Chris asked me to just ask them why they're staring at me but I didn't because:
(a) we started crossing the road already
(b) I no guts..

Ty says I'm famous in school and I shouldn't be shocked but last time, when people wave at me, I recognize them and wave back. This time, I totally don't know who they are!

Fine la.. I'm famous... Or maybe they really 认错人....

Saturday, June 13, 2009