Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Vampire Academy

I just read this new book from the library. It's called Shadow Kiss and it's the 3rd book in the Vampire Academy series. The library didn't have the first and second book...

I started reading it and I was absolutely hooked. I finished it in about 7 hours and was left wanting more! I was even in tears towards the ending!!! That's how good it was!

The heroin of the story is Rose and the hero, Dimitri Belikov. Let me just say this is why I prefer books to movies - you can use your imagination to create any guy that you think'll match the character, and you can change characteristics you don't like.

Dimitri is supposed to have long hair in the book but I don't like guys with long hair so I imagine him with short hair. HOT! Think Steven Strait with long/short hair. He looks good in either.

Anyway, Dimitri is Rose's mentor and soon-to-be partner. Both of them are in charge of guarding Lissa after she graduates. They know that they aren't supposed to love each other and try to fight it but their efforts are futile.

Here's a quote from one of the books, I got it from this blog:

"No. If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you."

Forbidden love is always the sweetest. They make you wanna go, "Just kiss her already!!!"

Actually this book reminds me a little of Twilight. I've noticed that a lot of vampire books have love triangles in them. Probably makes things more interesting... Though it gets boring after awhile...

Here's what the book's about:

They come first.

That is what Dhampir, Rosemarie Hathaway was taught since young. Dhampirs (half vampire, half human) are bred as guardians to Moroi (mortal vampires who can use magic). Dhampirs protect Moroi from Strigoi (dead vampires who are made, not born, they're evil).

She is in her last year at St Vladimir's Academy and she already knows her assignment for when she graduates. She was chosen to guard her best friend and Moroi royal, Lissa Dragomir, who is the last of her line.

Lissa has a rare affinity for spirit instead of the usual 4 elements: fire, water, air and earth. Her power of spirit allows her to heal people but she went one step further with Rose and brought her back from the dead.

Ever since, Rose has had a bond with Lissa that allows her to feel everything that Lissa is going through, even though Lissa can't feel anything from Rose. This phenomenon is said to be called 'Shadow Kiss' and Rose is able to act as Lissa's shadow.

All her life, Rose has been dedicated to protecting Lissa and doing what's best for her. She never thought she'd have to choose between the man she loves, Dimitri Belikov and Lissa. To her, the choice was always clear. They come first. No matter what, Lissa always came first. That was the way it'd always been.

But what does she do when tragedy strikes and Dimitri needs her?

Seriously, everyone. This book is really really really worth reading. Chris, ok, read the first book first. Probably better that way.

ps. Check out that blog link for more vampire books. She's awesome. She really seems to know all the vampire books and she updates her blog regularly unlike someone...

Book 1: Vampire Academy

Book 2: Frostbite

Book 3: Shadow Kiss

Book 4: Blood Promise

Book 5: Spirit Bound

I can't wait to read Blood Promise and Spirit Bound! Chris, Sick, Megan, my birthday present?? Please?

Oh ya and I was wondering what Dimitri's Russian accent sounded like. I found this video. When she's repeating her sentence and says she's from Moscow, she's speaking with a Russian accent.

I don't like it. My only consolation is the book said his accent only has a little bit of Russian in it.

MJCMT Collage

I was playing around with Picasa and this is what I came up with. Hope you guys like it!!! (Click on it to make it bigger)

Ty, its sorta like a welcome home present to you. A bunch of pictures from when you came back in January.

Tell me what you think!

ps: Chris you were right! Picasa is awesome!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hotness Intensified

I have no idea whether my title is grammatically correct but that is how I feel about the wolf pack in New Moon.

New Moon would be completely not worth watching if it weren't for the wolf pack. Alex Meraz who plays Paul (the wolf who got pissed and Jake had to beat him up), is the hottest werewolf there!

There was this scene in Emily's house where they were all waiting for Paul and Jake to come back and when Paul came in, he sat down and looked over his shoulder at Bella, grinned a bad boy grin and said, 'Sorry.'


That concludes what I like about the movie. Here are some pictures to ogle.

Alex Meraz *swoons*

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Script for The Script

Today I was relaxing while watching my mum bake a cake. I listened to my iPod. I heard a lot of my nice songs. Then The Script came on. I am a new fan of The Script. I love their songs.

I thought of making up a story using their lyrics and I came up with this: (before reading, please know that "I" is a little boy)

I love listening to the script so much that I incorporate their lyrics into my daily life. However, I always seem to get in trouble when I start saying them.

First my dad told me to take out the trash after dinner. But my favourite show was on so I said, "I'm not moooovinggggg....... Yeah......"

I kena whack.

Then, the next day in school, I finally got the guts to tell the girl I like, "I'm yours...."

The thing I didn't know was that she had just asked for someone to do her homework for her.

After school, I went to church and the pastor asked me if I had finished reading the Bible. I decided to reply with, "Now I'm looking throught the Bible, trying to find a loophole."

The pastor thought I was trying to find a way to sin and gave me a long lecture.

When I was walking out of the church later on, I saw another little boy crying at the side of the road and went up to him to say, "Together we cry."

He punched me and continued to beat me up until I cried out, "I'm falling to pieeeeeeeecessssss!!!!"

When I got home, my mum told me we were going to her friend's party and I objected with, "I'don't care, 'cause I won't know, anybody there."

She whacked me too.

In the end, I sat alone in my room going, "It's the end where I begin...."

After my mum saw it, she asked me why "I" keeps getting hit. I said it just fit the lyrics...

Megan liked it. If you like it, leave a comment. Here's a picture of The Script to keep your eyes busy while you think about it.

The members are:
  • Danny O'Donoghue - lead vocals, keyboards
  • Mark Sheehan - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Glen Power - drums, backing vocals (rhythm guitar on recordings)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Story That Led Me Here

I know I'm 1 week late but better late than never right? So today I'm gonna blog about my graduation day and everything related. Sit yourself down for a long post.

Ok so when I was 1 of the 8 (that sounds so cool, like the Power Of Five) chosen as the 2009 graduation dinner committee, I felt kind of sad that none of my best friends were chosen (ie: Chris) but now, looking back, I realise that might be a good thing.

If I had a close friend with me on the committee, I wouldn't have bothered with anyone else and wouldn't have communicated much with the rest of the committee. I can see this is what happened in YE last year. Megan and Chris were in YE with me and what happened? We stuck to ourselves and didn't mix much with the other people 'cause we knew we already had our own little posse. We didn't need anyone else as long as we had each other. This might be bad sometimes 'cause you become antisocial and don't really connect with your other colleagues (did I spell it right?).

So anyway, I was stuck with 7 other people I didn't really know very well for a year. The worst thing was that Chaw Yeh was our chairlady and I didn't really like Chaw Yeh last year. (Don't worry Chaw Yeh I like you now!!) I don't really remember why but I think it was partly 'cause she was the mean-looking AMD and I didn't know her. Also because she said something to Megan and Chris about 'not contributing' or something.

So I was thinking to myself "What? Chaw Yeh's chairlady? How am I gonna work with her for an entire YEAR?! With no friends near me!" I wasn't happy. Then besides Chaw Yeh there were Kasvini (I liked her), Hsieh Zhen (never really mixed with her that much... But she seemed nice) Shi Han (I knew her and liked her so I was ok with her), Ee Lynn (didn't know her), Siew Chii (sort of knew her) and Karen (who the heck is that?).

At the start of the year, I stuck to Kasvini and Shi Han 'cause I didn't know the others well. I got to know Yee Lynn and Siew Chii 'cause we were the ones who ran around telling classes to hurry up. I still didn't talk to Chaw Yeh, Hsieh Zhen and Karen but I was starting to see they weren't so bad.

The as the year wore on, I was forced to mix with every single person on the committee 'cause we had to practice our dance, think of a theme, plan this, plan that....... I realised it was actually kinda fun being on the committee. I really didn't know Chaw Yeh could be so sampat and that Hsieh Zhen's quiet and serious exterior was hiding a psycho girl who laughs at everything. (Still didn't mix much with Karen so I'm not gonna talk about her. I'm still not close to her anyway.)

So hor, by the time we were skipping class everyday to hang out and do stuff (can do stuff and have fun at the same time so don't accuse us of slacking), I was looking forward to seeing our mismatched and dysfunctional committee.

It wasn't all fun and roses though, we had our ups and downs. There were times when I'd feel like punching someone and there were times when I didn't wanna leave their good company. All of us had strong personalities and of course there was the clashing of horns but that's normal in any committee.

I realised how we all changed in a year. Well I don't know about them but I changed (I think). I grew up while hanging around kids and found out that stress can do funny things to people. I learned that you can't get along with everyone, you can't please everyone and how even little things can change a person's view of you. (Damn I sound wise!)

Chaw Yeh, I like you now. Like your whole family la. *winks* It was nice to realise you're not mean and that you can act so stupid when you're around stupid people. You're good at taking charge and making sure people get things done. You're not afraid of telling people off and that's a good thing. I like the way you say. 这是的? SHEIIII!!!!!

Kasvini, please learn to be more punctual. (I don't think you read my blog. Hehe!) Take it easy. Don't stress so much over little things.

Hsieh Zhen, who knew you could act so 幼稚. You very funny la. Big, big house with only round things. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You give your opinion on everything and usually you're right (only on the artsy stuff). You act weird sometimes.

Shi Han, I like the way you're so direct and don't beat about the bush. You have good taste in music and you're good at computer stuff. I already knew I liked you.

Yee Lynn, you've got a lot of contacts and it seems like you know everyone. You don't like complimenting Shi Han and you also act like a kid a lot. (Hey most of us do so you fit right in) You know your drama stuff and that helps.

Siew Chii, (I just realised I have never seen Siew Chii online before. Does she even have a computer?) I like the way you do your eyes at people. A bit like juling but funnier. You're a bit blur sometimes. Haha!

Karen, no comment. I don't know you well enough.

I would like to thank all of you guys for dealing with each other and not causing each other serious harm.

Most of all, I wanna thank those people who came to the auditorium last year to choose your committee. You guys chose well. We rock! If you say you loved this year's grad night, it's thanks to you guys too. Without you, we'd be nothing. Seriously.

Chris and Megan, your ears have been very patient. You've endured me a lot. All the time. Not just about the grad night. You see I told you I could keep secrets!

Special thanks to the technician's daughter and the engineer's daughter plus Hsieh Zhen. Without you guys, I'd be a sobbing mess. You saved us all. And Chaw Yeh, I know you're happy I gave you work to do. I did you a favour by tripping over that wire. And don't you dare ever forget about the lam mee thing! Hsieh Zhen, you're the best plastic surgeon I know. You did wonders with our broken backdrop. I loved being the 'backdrop mia people'.

Who else to thank? Err.... My mum? For err.... being my unloading bin. All the secrets I kept from Megan and Chris went to her. Thanks for telling me what you think about everything! It helped.

Pn Chan probably never gonna see this but I wanna thank her too. She gave valuable advice and allowed us to skip class.

Chaw Yeh help me thank your dad for fixing the thing at the last minute! I was panicking at the side until he came along.

Zhao Min! Thanks for your lip gloss!

I wanna thank myself too, for doing such awesome make up last Saturday night. I'll give myself a pat on the back.

I think that's it. I hope next year's committee knows they're got their work cut out for them. *smirks* Haiyah they all drama people sure can la!

Monday, October 26, 2009

What An Eye Sore

While everybody blogs about graduation and stuff, I'll be blogging about my hospital stay. I was gonna blog about my graduation too but I guess that'll have to wait 'cause this is more exciting!

So on Sunday, the day after our graduation, I had a cold and a sore throat. Probably 'cause I didn't drink much water the day before and was screaming my friends' names all night...

So that was ok, but then my mum bought some medication for my sore throat from a pharmacy and that night, and it got worse. WAY WORSE!

Half an hour after I ate the medicine, my eyes started to swell up and it looked like I had mosquito bites above and under the eyes. This happens sometimes (I don't know why) so my mum and I thought it was normal and waited for the mosquito bite things to go down. But it just got worse and worse and worse until I could barely open my eyes.

The whole time it was swelling up, I was on the internet getting tagged on Facebook, talking with Chris and checking my mail but after it got really bad, I didn't have the mood anymore so I told Chris I was going to the hospital and logged off everything.

Then my dad started asking where I was going and everything so I said hospital but he's like 'All the people in the hospital at night are trainees and you shouldn't trust them' so I got fed up and asked 'So what do you want me to do then?'

So he told my mum to call his doctor friend and ask him what to do.

This was about 10.30pm and my dad's friend (let's call him Doc) told me to go to his house so he could take a look.

I got there with my slitty eyes and when he saw me he was like 'Oh this is serious.' then checked my blood pressure and everything. Then he said I had to get an injection but he didn't have 1 at home so I had to go to the hospital and probably stay overnight.

So I took my IC, insurance card (I have insurance!) and overnight bag and went to the A&E room in Lam Wah Ee Hospital.

Thanks to Doc, I got treated first and I kind of felt bad 'cause there were a lot of people waiting but my mum told me I looked the worst.

So then while my mum went to register, I lay on this bed in this room waiting for the nurse to do whatever to me.

After a while a nurse came, asked some stuff, yadda yadda yadda.... Then she stuck that thing in me, you know that thing where they only needa poke you once and they can give you as many injections as they like. So I was kinda surprised that she could find my vein on the first try 'cause my mum told me its very hard to poke a fat person's vein 'cause there's too much fat in the way. Anyway she managed to do it.

Then she told me 'We're putting water in ok?' and she injected the water. Then she said 'We're gonna put the hydro-dunno-wat in now ok?' then she injected hydro-dunno-wat in me. Then at last she put in more water and I was done.

This is where the fun starts. I got wheeled in a gurney all the way up to my room which was a single room in the new wing. (Bliss!) And the whole way up I had to try not to smile 'cause I was getting WHEELED! On a GURNEY! And only 1 dude was pushing me so must've been hard on him...

Then I got to my room where they took my blood pressure and emasured my heart rate and everything all over again.

Then after everybody left, my dad turned on the TV to watch football. And my mum said they had CARTOON NETWORK!

I wanted to SMS Chris and tell her what went on 'cause she might've worried but my dad was like 'Don't tell anyone ur staying in the hospital until you get out or they'll be bothering you all night and calling you.'

Right at that moment, Chris called me but I quickly rejected her. She called again while I was SMS-ing her not to call me again and I rejected her again.

When my dad finally left to go home, I pleaded with my mum who was staying the night with me to let me call Chris and it would only take a minute.

Of course, knowing my mum, she said ok and I called Chris and told her everything that went on and she was worried and everything then called me a drama queen for acting normal one second and telling her I'm going to the hospital the next. Hehe!

So then I went to 'sleep' but I couldn't sleep so I just lay there and sort of slept and at 5.00am nurses came in to check my heart rate and whatever again and at 7.00am the cleaning service turned on all the lights and started cleaning the room.

So.... I got up and turned on Cartoon Network and watched stupid cartoons. Who even watches the Pink Panther and that stupid crane thing anymore? The pictures look so old, do little kids still like watching them?

And then that stupid Tom & Jerry came on. I seriously do not know why T & T like watching that show so much, it's so lame.

I finally turned it off and went to sleep but later on when I turned it on again, there was the Powerpuff Girls!!! I only got to watch the ending of the japanese version and then the original version came on. By this time, my bro was there 'cause my dad insisted he come to see my beautiful room.

Here I took some pictures of the TV and the shows and even got a video so enjoy! I know I did.

And I'm not putting up any pictures of me 'cause I looked horrible and I do not want those pictures on the WWW. I'm only gonna show them to friends in real life. Oh ya and I skipped school today 'cause my eyes are still really swollen but not as bad as Sunday night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Shoes, New Shirt, New Bruise

Last Friday, I wore my new shoes. It was the first time I wore them out in the real world so I was really excited! When I came home, My shoes didn't even have a scratch on them! I was so proud of how I managed to keep them shiny and new!

Then on Saturday, I went out with the Rangers and wore my new shoes again. (because I was wearing the same outfit. Don't worry I didn't sweat!) And after I got home, I found out that my foot was hurt!

The skin came off at the back of the heel but it didn't really look gross. Just a little red...

But it HURT! When my pajama pants brushed past it, it hurt. When I bathed, it hurt. When I accidentally poked it, it hurt!

So today, when I went to Queensbay, I was SO HAPPY when I found this shirt!

It completely describes how I feel! 'Cause when I went to the Ranger dinner thing, Sue Yin told me I look like I'm 22 or 23 years old! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!! I look SOOOOO mature!!!!
Especially since Shi Han looked like a little kid twisting her fork and knife!

This was what I was wearing on that night. I know la.. My eyes look so tiny next to Wan Ching and Shu Yon.... Well it shows that I was smiling broadly and happily ok?

And if you're curious about how my foot looks today, here's a photo. The yellow thing is not pus la, its flavin. It's supposed to help the wound heal. This is the first time I ever hurt myself for vanity's sake. I'll NEVER DO IT AGAIN! I'd rather look ugly than get THIS!

Ya its bad. It just got redder and redder since Sunday... Oh well! Lesson learnt. *rolls eyes*

Oh ya and I also bought this shirt.

My mum actually said she might borrow it sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA! Oooh you're a BAD GIRL aren't you...... Wait. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget I said that....

Enough for now. Bye!!!

ps I would like to thank my charming, genius friend for reminding me 'it was your own stupid fault for wearing your new shoes.' Thanks a lot.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Destined For An Early Grave

I just saw that there is a trailer for Destined For An Early Grave, 4th book in Jeanine Frost's Night Huntress series.

I thought I would get a good look at Bones but there's so little of him!!!!! *pouts*

Ah well at least I get to read the 1st chapter!!! Hehehe!!!!

Exam's Over, Results're Out!!!

Hohohoho!!!!! Exam finished yesterday. Got these results today: English, Chinese, Add Maths, Accounts, Maths.

Guess which one I'm the proudest of??? Come on! Guess!

It's CHINESE!!!!!

Now its only paper 1 results, which is the essay part, but I did GOOOOD!!!! I even beat the Chinese Genius Chun Han! Hahaha!!!! And when Shen Chaei turned around to see my marks, she shouted, 'I only beat you by 2 marks ah????'

Well I was shocked too! I mean I'd never gotten B- for directed writing and C+ for continuous writing before!!! I'm so proud!!!!

Oh I just realised I didn't actually say how much I got yet. I got *drumroll*........ 65.5!!!!

Good right? Now I only need to get 35 for comprehension and I'll pass!!! Woohoo!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Megan, let's try again....

This isn't as good as the first 1 because in the first 1, there was also the scene where Beyonce won the Best Video Of The Year award and when she went on stage to give her speech, she said she won her first award when she was 17 and it was 1 of the most exciting moments of her life, so she welcomed Taylor Swift to come on stage to finish her speech and have her moment in the spotlight.

There was also a scene where Kanye was on the Jay Leno show and Jay was asking him how his mum would feel if she saw this and Kanye cried.

This video only shows when he took the mic away from her. But I think that's enough.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan!! This is for you!!!!

Hahahahaha...... First thing I saw was Taylor Lautner!!!!!!

Poor Taylor Swift must've felt so humiliated... She just stood there on the stage, not knowing what to do next...

Beyonce was really nice about the whole thing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

17 for the First Time!

The day before my 17th birthday, I did a lot of things. More importantly, I ATE a lot of things. Which is probably how I got food poisoning this week...

But we're not talking about this week, we're talking about last week! I am now going to tell you what I did on 28th August 2009. (ps I am not encouraging you to stalk me, I'm only doing this 'cause Chris asked me to)

First I woke up. (Duh!) Then I had breakfast. I forgot what I ate but I remember I woke up at 10am... So maybe I didn't have breakfast 'cause I already knew I was eating lunch at 12 noon... Ya that's it...

Next, get ready for birthday lunch with the family! (I had it on Friday instead of Saturday 'cause my cousins were going back to KL on Saturday morning)

Ok so put on my pretty clothes, brought my camera, brought my bag to keep presents, brought my ears to listen to my super-super talkative younger cousins talk (what can I say? They take after me...) , brought my topics of conversation, and most importantly, brought my dad to pay. Hehehe...

Had lunch while my 6-year-old cousin, Deryn, whispered into my ear while simultaneously chewing her food (oooh! Multi-tasker!). I watched my 2 8-year-old (Robin and Troy) and 1 6-year-old(Tyler) cousins bond over Nintendo Gameboy. Helped my grandma get back in the car. Didn't realise that I didn't take any pictures at all until I got home. Heh-heh...

But don't worry! I took pictures of all my presents! All 2 of them! (According to Deryn, only children give presents because adults give ang paos) Here they are! Deryn drew the first picture and Robin drew the secnd one.

A blue Esprit blouse from Auntie Gina plus 5 DVDs: Yes Man, Wild Child, Bride Wars, The Hannah Montana Movie and my favourite - 17 Again! Shen Chaei just said that day in school that everybody who watches that movie now likes Zac Efron. Seriously good actor!!!!

A handmade, reversible bag from Auntie Deenie (check out her website at my link: Domestic Goddess) It's so pretty!!! Green on 1 side and black & white floral design on the other!

I think I spent the rest of the day sleeping... So let's skip to the night!

At night we went to a place far, far away to eat seafood! Their toilet was so cool!!! Not the ladies', the men's! (Not that I went in.. My dad told me and took these pictures)

You see the fish swimming there? Well, you're supposed to pee on the fish! Don't worry, there's a layer of glass above the fish so they won't be swimming in pee... But isn't that cool???

And this is a pile of crabs I ate... Ate until really full.....

Then after that we went to my dad's friend's house and he is crazy about music so he has amplifiers, plug-ins, electric guitars, mics....... He even has a saxophone even though he doesn't know how to play it... He bought it for fun...

So we got to play around with the guitars and feel like a rockstar! My dad's friends were having fun playing and singing but all the songs they sang were old so I didn't know any of them... My brother sang a song too but I had no idea what song it was...

At midnight I received a lot of messages saying Happy Birthday and stuff but I was surprised that some of them were from friends I don't talk to much... They knew it was my birthday from Facebook. The power of the Internet!

That's all for now, gonna play Vampire Wars.. Bye!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Whirlwind Adventure! Not!

Ok so my kitchen was ready by Tuesday and I felt deprived from not baking in so long so I insisted on making Afghan Biscuits on that day.

When my mum fetched me from school, she said, 'Whatever you wanna buy, better buy now because I won't be in later and if you don't have anything you'll have to go out and buy it yourself.'

So we went to Bonjour and I bought flour, sugar and cornflakes.

Then later, later on, when I finally started baking and my mum was at the gym, I found out we didn't have any coconut. My mum had insisted earlier that we had some but I couldn't find any.

Hence, I made The Suggestion to my maid: why not I go out and buy some?

There must have been horror music playing in my maid's head 'cause she kept insisting she could go and buy the coconut while I stay at home but I was indignant! (wah chim word!) I knew she wouldn't know how to look for coconut.

So..... I WENT OUT ALL BY MYSELF! This was the first time I've ever been out all by myself with no one else around to save me from drug addicts (thanks, Chris!).

I started out with only my handphone and RM10.... Thanks to my dad's overprotectiveness, I knew what to do when you're by yourself: look around you and make sure no one is following you.

So I started walking out, passing by a dog outside my house and thinking to myself: I hope its not still here later or else it might smell my coconut and follow me home.

As I walked, I looked. And as I looked, I made sure I was looked at. (So that if I really was kidnapped people would see it happen.)

After crossing one road, I finally got to Bandar Baru! There were girls waiting there, probably after tuition or something and they kept looking at me. I ignored them and just walked in.

I looked for my coconut but alas! I only saw instant coconut which is de liquid type! I wanted dessicated coconut! So I looked and looked.... And finally..... I FOUND IT!

So then I paid for it and left. On my way home, I spotted this dude on a motorbike parked at the side of the road and when I passed he looked at me. I thought to myself: I'd better pay attention to this guy... I even had my tin of dessicated coconut ready to swing in case he tried anything...

So I crossed a little road and I was just around the corner from my house when I had to walk on the actual road. I looked behind me (paranoid as ever) and saw that there was no one behind me, so I turned! And I saw the guy who was waiting at the side of the road on his motorbike earlier drive right by me!

Hahahahahha!!!! Turns out he wasn't stalking me....

So that is how I got home safe and sound! I didn't get lost, kidnapped, raped, stalked, followed (there's a difference between stalked and followed), hit by a car, yelled at by anyone, chased by a dog, bitten by a dog, cheated, drugged, robbed, hit on or anything!!! Woohoo! Go, me!

My maid said she was super worried the whole time I was gone (even though it was only 20 minutes) because she was followed last time she went out.

But when my mum came home later on and I asked her if she was worried when I sms-ed her I went out, she just said, 'It's just around the corner. What did you think would happen?' Thanks a lot for your concern, MUM!

Ok that's the end of my wondrous adventure! Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to look around you when you go out alone!

Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week's Stuff

Today we had EST extra class and when WWY started talking about STE's or stuff like that, Chris, Tammy and I started writing this... Enjoy squinting!! I already made it quite big I think...

In case you don't know:
small, tiny words - Chris
robotic words / big, huge words - Me
normal, small words - Tammy

The day of the Pelancongan Farewell was also Megan's birthday so this is the card I made her! Her present is gonna be Kenny Roger's and some toy she wants... Forgot what it's called.... Neffrut or something...

I followed Chris home after our Pelancongan Farewell so that we could go to guitar together at 6pm. She was taking a nap and I was bored so I took out my camera when I saw her's lying on the table and took this video. It's supposed to be about the 2 cameras singing to each other because they're nearly identical. Hahahaha!!!! See if you can sense that they're singing to each other.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Latest Whatever

Hey people who actually read my blog! Long time no blog! Ok so now I'm just gonna show you guys the videos MJCM has been busy making... Enjoy them!

Ok so now you've watched that, I'm gonna tell you what happened to me today.

Today my school celebrated Teacher's Day and after that Chris, Sick and I had to stay for Hari Koperasi so we could get our certificate. So Chris followed me home because I wanted to bathe...

For some reason, the school's big gate wasn't open so we had to go out through the super corridor and since everybody had to get out through the super corridor, there was a 'traffic jam' in there.

Chris was walking in front of me, holding the rose we bought from this year's YE and everybody was staring at her 'cause she was the only person holding a flower. They were probably wondering if she forgot to give it to a teacher or someone gave it to her or don't know what else.

Anyway, so there were 3 or 4 Form 3 girls walking behind me and I heard them talking really loud. They were saying, "Is that her? Yes! I think its her!"

"No la.. Not her..."

"Yes! I recognize her!"

"No! She doesn't look the same! It's not her!"

"It IS her! You ask Hui Min and see..."

So I was wondering who they were talking about. Then I thought it'd be funny if they were talking about someone who could plainly hear them and I smiled to myself...

Then I saw 1 of the girls from the corner of my eye and she was looking in my direction so I turned around to see who they were looking at and it was..... ME!

I was quite surprised when I turned around and all of them were looking directly at me..

Then they still continued their conversation of "its her/its not her".

I whispered to Chris, "Chris, I think the people behind me are talking about me..."

And Chris also turned around to look.. Then she laughed.

Then we got to the traffic light and while we were waiting, I pointed out the 3 girls to Chris. The 3 girls were still looking at me/Chris so i asked Chris, "Are they looking at you or me?"

And she said, "You."

So I was kind of shocked 'cause I don't even recognize them from anywhere and I wondered why they recognize me....

Chris said maybe they saw the Shape Me Ad video and recognized me but I don't know...

Oh ya and Chris asked me to just ask them why they're staring at me but I didn't because:
(a) we started crossing the road already
(b) I no guts..

Ty says I'm famous in school and I shouldn't be shocked but last time, when people wave at me, I recognize them and wave back. This time, I totally don't know who they are!

Fine la.. I'm famous... Or maybe they really 认错人....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stalking The Boy Next Door

I am doing precisely what my title suggests. I am stalking the boy next door. His name is Matthew and he's from London. He came out last Saturday and is leaving this Sunday. He is a Eurasian who (sort of) speaks Mandarin.

He's living with his grandparents and everytime they go out, I peek out the window and try to get a glimpse of him. Everytime I walk by their house, I try to look in to see if I can see him. I am really doing everything short of pulling out the binoculars.

My mum is even worse. Yesterday she yelled over to me, 'Matthew just came home!' and both of us ran to the window to see him get out of the car. Then I could only see his feet so I was kinda sad... He has solemn, brown eyes. SO CUTE!

Then I wanted to hear him talk 'cause I've never heard him talk before and my dad says he has a British accent! So my mum said, 'Let's go into the bathroom! We can hear better in there!'

See how Matthew has caught everyone's attention with his charm and cute-ness?

*sigh* Still haven't talked to him yet... Hopefully I'll see him tomorrow... I hear he goes to the beach everyday. Maybe I'll go see him at the beach! Hahahahahha!!!! But I think he's too shy so even if I go near him, he won't talk to me... I'll keep on watching from a distance....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Busy Day

Ok people, everything is in random order because I lazy to switch around already. I wanna finally finish this post so I can FINALLY move on to the next one which is fun-ner.

I know how I can make this fun! I'm gonna leave all the jumbled pictures and videos where they are and YOU try and guess what sequence they happened in, ok? I'm gonna tell you what I did that whole day (25th April 2009) and you match the pictures to the events. I've already helped you by uploading some of the pictures in the proper sequence.

Ready? Get set... GO!

Morning: Went to the Pottery Barn (Gardenku) with Megan and Chris under Kelab Pelancongan. We spent a lot of time cam-whoring and I got a picture of me 'looking like a guy holding a pink phone' according to Chris but 'looking like a male model selling a pink phone' according to me. It's the freshly-cut hair... We got to paint cute, little cups though! Then we made some clay pots by rolling the clay together and then played with the clay-shaping machine thing. The Japanese people there were really friendly and reminded Megan and I of a few old Japanese words we know such as DAME! HAHAHHAHA!!! Oh ya and after that we had Co-op lunch at Little Cottage 2.

Afternoon-Night: Went to school for my final campfire! *sobs* Definitely gonna miss Rangers when I leave school... Anyway, waited 3 hours for Heah Yee Ling and Li Mei to come but wisely spent that time taking pictures of people and things. For more info, go visit my Ranger blog. That's the other side of me *insert evil laughter*...

Next night: Went to a new restaurant called Smokey Jack where they have ribs.... Mmmmm... Ribs..... *drools* Anyway, I just LOVE the decor there! So interesting and innovative! They actually have a pipe thing (CLUE!) right in the middle of the place and you can sit in it! They also have vines creeping up the ceiling and the toilet is really grungy-looking... I did the lala pose while eating and I think I look damn KAWAII (reminder to Chris: that means cute)! I also made a video proving that oxygen is needed for combustion to occur! It's lame but cool!

I think that's it! Have fun!