Monday, October 26, 2009

What An Eye Sore

While everybody blogs about graduation and stuff, I'll be blogging about my hospital stay. I was gonna blog about my graduation too but I guess that'll have to wait 'cause this is more exciting!

So on Sunday, the day after our graduation, I had a cold and a sore throat. Probably 'cause I didn't drink much water the day before and was screaming my friends' names all night...

So that was ok, but then my mum bought some medication for my sore throat from a pharmacy and that night, and it got worse. WAY WORSE!

Half an hour after I ate the medicine, my eyes started to swell up and it looked like I had mosquito bites above and under the eyes. This happens sometimes (I don't know why) so my mum and I thought it was normal and waited for the mosquito bite things to go down. But it just got worse and worse and worse until I could barely open my eyes.

The whole time it was swelling up, I was on the internet getting tagged on Facebook, talking with Chris and checking my mail but after it got really bad, I didn't have the mood anymore so I told Chris I was going to the hospital and logged off everything.

Then my dad started asking where I was going and everything so I said hospital but he's like 'All the people in the hospital at night are trainees and you shouldn't trust them' so I got fed up and asked 'So what do you want me to do then?'

So he told my mum to call his doctor friend and ask him what to do.

This was about 10.30pm and my dad's friend (let's call him Doc) told me to go to his house so he could take a look.

I got there with my slitty eyes and when he saw me he was like 'Oh this is serious.' then checked my blood pressure and everything. Then he said I had to get an injection but he didn't have 1 at home so I had to go to the hospital and probably stay overnight.

So I took my IC, insurance card (I have insurance!) and overnight bag and went to the A&E room in Lam Wah Ee Hospital.

Thanks to Doc, I got treated first and I kind of felt bad 'cause there were a lot of people waiting but my mum told me I looked the worst.

So then while my mum went to register, I lay on this bed in this room waiting for the nurse to do whatever to me.

After a while a nurse came, asked some stuff, yadda yadda yadda.... Then she stuck that thing in me, you know that thing where they only needa poke you once and they can give you as many injections as they like. So I was kinda surprised that she could find my vein on the first try 'cause my mum told me its very hard to poke a fat person's vein 'cause there's too much fat in the way. Anyway she managed to do it.

Then she told me 'We're putting water in ok?' and she injected the water. Then she said 'We're gonna put the hydro-dunno-wat in now ok?' then she injected hydro-dunno-wat in me. Then at last she put in more water and I was done.

This is where the fun starts. I got wheeled in a gurney all the way up to my room which was a single room in the new wing. (Bliss!) And the whole way up I had to try not to smile 'cause I was getting WHEELED! On a GURNEY! And only 1 dude was pushing me so must've been hard on him...

Then I got to my room where they took my blood pressure and emasured my heart rate and everything all over again.

Then after everybody left, my dad turned on the TV to watch football. And my mum said they had CARTOON NETWORK!

I wanted to SMS Chris and tell her what went on 'cause she might've worried but my dad was like 'Don't tell anyone ur staying in the hospital until you get out or they'll be bothering you all night and calling you.'

Right at that moment, Chris called me but I quickly rejected her. She called again while I was SMS-ing her not to call me again and I rejected her again.

When my dad finally left to go home, I pleaded with my mum who was staying the night with me to let me call Chris and it would only take a minute.

Of course, knowing my mum, she said ok and I called Chris and told her everything that went on and she was worried and everything then called me a drama queen for acting normal one second and telling her I'm going to the hospital the next. Hehe!

So then I went to 'sleep' but I couldn't sleep so I just lay there and sort of slept and at 5.00am nurses came in to check my heart rate and whatever again and at 7.00am the cleaning service turned on all the lights and started cleaning the room.

So.... I got up and turned on Cartoon Network and watched stupid cartoons. Who even watches the Pink Panther and that stupid crane thing anymore? The pictures look so old, do little kids still like watching them?

And then that stupid Tom & Jerry came on. I seriously do not know why T & T like watching that show so much, it's so lame.

I finally turned it off and went to sleep but later on when I turned it on again, there was the Powerpuff Girls!!! I only got to watch the ending of the japanese version and then the original version came on. By this time, my bro was there 'cause my dad insisted he come to see my beautiful room.

Here I took some pictures of the TV and the shows and even got a video so enjoy! I know I did.

And I'm not putting up any pictures of me 'cause I looked horrible and I do not want those pictures on the WWW. I'm only gonna show them to friends in real life. Oh ya and I skipped school today 'cause my eyes are still really swollen but not as bad as Sunday night.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Shoes, New Shirt, New Bruise

Last Friday, I wore my new shoes. It was the first time I wore them out in the real world so I was really excited! When I came home, My shoes didn't even have a scratch on them! I was so proud of how I managed to keep them shiny and new!

Then on Saturday, I went out with the Rangers and wore my new shoes again. (because I was wearing the same outfit. Don't worry I didn't sweat!) And after I got home, I found out that my foot was hurt!

The skin came off at the back of the heel but it didn't really look gross. Just a little red...

But it HURT! When my pajama pants brushed past it, it hurt. When I bathed, it hurt. When I accidentally poked it, it hurt!

So today, when I went to Queensbay, I was SO HAPPY when I found this shirt!

It completely describes how I feel! 'Cause when I went to the Ranger dinner thing, Sue Yin told me I look like I'm 22 or 23 years old! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH!!!!! I look SOOOOO mature!!!!
Especially since Shi Han looked like a little kid twisting her fork and knife!

This was what I was wearing on that night. I know la.. My eyes look so tiny next to Wan Ching and Shu Yon.... Well it shows that I was smiling broadly and happily ok?

And if you're curious about how my foot looks today, here's a photo. The yellow thing is not pus la, its flavin. It's supposed to help the wound heal. This is the first time I ever hurt myself for vanity's sake. I'll NEVER DO IT AGAIN! I'd rather look ugly than get THIS!

Ya its bad. It just got redder and redder since Sunday... Oh well! Lesson learnt. *rolls eyes*

Oh ya and I also bought this shirt.

My mum actually said she might borrow it sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA! Oooh you're a BAD GIRL aren't you...... Wait. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget I said that....

Enough for now. Bye!!!

ps I would like to thank my charming, genius friend for reminding me 'it was your own stupid fault for wearing your new shoes.' Thanks a lot.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Destined For An Early Grave

I just saw that there is a trailer for Destined For An Early Grave, 4th book in Jeanine Frost's Night Huntress series.

I thought I would get a good look at Bones but there's so little of him!!!!! *pouts*

Ah well at least I get to read the 1st chapter!!! Hehehe!!!!

Exam's Over, Results're Out!!!

Hohohoho!!!!! Exam finished yesterday. Got these results today: English, Chinese, Add Maths, Accounts, Maths.

Guess which one I'm the proudest of??? Come on! Guess!

It's CHINESE!!!!!

Now its only paper 1 results, which is the essay part, but I did GOOOOD!!!! I even beat the Chinese Genius Chun Han! Hahaha!!!! And when Shen Chaei turned around to see my marks, she shouted, 'I only beat you by 2 marks ah????'

Well I was shocked too! I mean I'd never gotten B- for directed writing and C+ for continuous writing before!!! I'm so proud!!!!

Oh I just realised I didn't actually say how much I got yet. I got *drumroll*........ 65.5!!!!

Good right? Now I only need to get 35 for comprehension and I'll pass!!! Woohoo!!!