Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weird or Normal?

Someone recently asked me a question: 'Do you think I'm weird?' How did I answer that question? Like this: 'Well, nobody's normal to me, so yeah, you're weird.'

I have always been fascinated by the words 'weird' and 'normal'. A lot of us mention the word 'weird' everyday, but do we actually know what we mean by it? What's the actual definition of 'weird'? Well, I Googled it and here's what I found:

weird (wird)
1. Obsolete of fate or destiny
2. of or about ghosts, evil spirits, or other supernatural things; unearthly, mysterious, eerie, etc.
3. strikingly odd, strange, etc.; fantastic; bizarre a weird costume
4. eccentric, erratic, or unconventional in behavior

Do we actually mean those things when we say 'weird'? Maybe we do. But who can actually be the judge of what is considered 'strikingly odd' or 'strange' or 'bizarre' or.... You get my drift.

What is considered normal and what is considered weird? To a person with OCD, cleaning everything at every minute might be considered normal whereas that behaviour is categorized as 'weird' to a slob. Or to make it easier, having sexual intercourse (sounds qim-er) at the age of 14 is considered normal in America whereas if you sleep around when you're 14 here, you're considered a slut.

When we see people doing stuff we don't understand, we say they're weird. And when we say we're feeling weird, that means we're not sure how we feel. Therefore, I have my own definition of the word 'weird'.

Weird - The word you use to describe something/someone you don't understand.

Aren't I smart? However I still think no one's normal... I think that's it for this post. Bye!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This post is gonna be all about quotes (and I'm not trying to steal Chris's style) so if you don't wanna spend the next 2-3 minutes reading all about what I think of certain quotes, I'd suggest you stop right here.

Anyway, I'm gonna be using lines from Harlan Coben's books and relating myself to them.

"With age comes maturity"
- Harlan Coben
I am like Myron when it comes to this. He refrains from saying corny lines when dealing with dangerous people. I refrain from buying corny things when I see them. This is what I saw:

It was at the Thaipusam thing. Tell me how am I supposed to resist that cute Spongebob.... But I did! I refrained from buying 1! The problem came again when I walked further down the road and saw this!

With age comes maturity.

With age comes maturity.

With age comes maturity.


Ok. I think I'm ok now... I didn't buy it...... Shows how great I am at resisting things.

"Good things come in small packages"

- no-idea-who

That is a lie. I am living proof of that. I'm good - heck! I'm awesome! - and I'm also definitely not a small package. Show's how fake that is!

"Mann traoch, Gott lauch"

- Harlan Coben

That is Yiddish for "Man plans, God laughs". That is so true! I planned to finish my homework by yesterday and until now it's still not done. That's just one example among many...

"Unlike Leonidas, I do not ask of you to stand. I only ask of you to kneel."

- Gay-looking-guy from 300

Yeah, I don't ask people to stand. I usually ask them to do stuff for me. Or take stuff for me. But I don't ask them to kneel either. Actually I only wrote this quote because I like it. Hahahaha! It doens't mean anything. Anyone who hasn't watched 300, go do so ASAP. It is super-super-super exciting and cool!

"Win was good-looking and had an arrogant air about him. That was why people usually hated him on sight."

- Harlan Coben

True. When you are good-looking and arrogant (like me), people tend to hate you. That's because they're jealous. Well, people like Win and I can't help that we're such amazing people... And we don't even care about trivial things like hate....

"For what breeds time but two hands on a clock?"

- Harlan Coben

I like this. Sounds so deep... Myron came up with it all by himself! How smart of him! I think it's supposed to mean that time isn't important when it comes to things like the past. For example, it's like saying 'time heals all wounds' but in 10 years time, you still feel all the pain you experienced 10 years ago. Something like that...

I think that's all the quotes I can think of for now. And here's a video in honour of Thaipusam! Enjoy! Super-funny!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Stuff

I wanted to blog on Sunday but even until now, I don't have time. I'm just gonna settle for random stuff in a simple post because my dad says it's nearly time to sleep.... I'm just blogging for the sake of it and also because I feel like it.

I recently reminisced (did I spell it right?I don't think so.. Lazy to check.) about my St. Christopher days. I remember my multi-racial friends. Actually I only remember a few classmates. Su-anne (crap! forgot how to spell her name!), Adelyn, Rashid (I think he's Thai...), some Japanese girl whose name I forgot, Siu Ping, Alys and Etienne (not sure of the spelling. He's french...I think). anyway. I also remember stupid Benjamin who broke a pencil. Naughty boy!

And I was talking about them to my mum. And I said something about how I thought Rashid was Russian 'cause his name sounds like 'Russian'. And I also told her that Etienne(?) loved to brag to me about how his leg hair is so long (remember he's French) even though we were like, 6 years old(?). Anyway, my mum totally dealt a huge blow to my self-esteem. She told me that she thinks Etienne is hot now and that if he ever saw me again he won't even wanna talk to me.... THANKS A LOT, MUM! Now my self-esteem has probably reached my eyebrows and it'll keep going down if YOU KEEP SAYING STUFF LIKE THAT, MUM! Don't worry, I'll recover. After all, I am a Goon....

Another piece of random information: I can keep secrets..... Whisper them into my ear and it'll be safe with me.... I promise! Seriously, I'm AWESOME at keeping secrets. I never even knew how good until lately! But that's a secret..... Sssshhhh....

I LOVE HARLAN COBEN! I wish I so had a friend like Win. Not a boyfriend, I think he'll make a horrible boyfriend. But a BEST FRIEND! Someone who can pull me out of any situation... Someone who is a cold-blooded killer...... Awesome...... Plus he'll totally make me laugh my ass off and pretty soon I won't even have an ass! Awesome-er!

I love my iPod... I love all the songs in them. Sometimes, I LOVE lip-synching to songs. So helps to reduce stress. I'd recommend this to anyone who suffers from too much stress. Dancing along to songs is another 1 of my favourite things!

I don't like Max anymore. He's a rude dog and super naughty! Bad dog, Max!

I think that's it! Bye!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Admire My Peacock-ness!

(Some people commented that this post is scary and they have never seen this side of me before. But I don't care I'll leave it as it is because life isn't always sunshine and rainbows.... Besides, I'm a peacock. Why would I care...)

I'm a peacock. At least that what my personality test told me. And it's true! Very very very true! That means I'm a show-off, optimistic, spontaneous, careless, easily led, overpowering..... Anyway, let me tell you something. PEACOCKS DON'T LIKE CERTAIN PEOPLE!

Sorry for that outburst but someone has really been annoying me recently. Maybe even a few someones.... I don't know... I want Win....

Here's the kind of people that piss me off:
1. People who ask stupid questions. I mean, who likes people that ask stupid questions?! If I'm telling you, of course I mean it!!! You don't have to confirm it with me 3 or 4 times!!! And you don't question me. If you don't believe what I say, DON'T LISTEN TO ME!!!

2. People that touch me a lot when I DON'T WANT TO BE TOUCHED! I only let 3 people besides relatives or old people touch me. I think you three know who you are. My best friends know how much I hate it when people touch me, especially when they lay their hand on my leg! EW! GROSS MUCH?!

3. People who can't take hints. (Please refer to the subject above) If I shake you off, that means I don't want you on me. Kapish?!

4. People who try to intimidate other people, especially people with lower status (I do not mean this in a mean way, just a factual way). It's fine when I do it because people know I'm kidding but when you do it seriously, that makes you a b****. Even though I like showing off, its different when you do it to intimidate people.

5. People who think they're so cool. Few people really have the 'cool' factor and it's totally fine if you don't. But don't TRY TO PRETEND TO BE WHAT YOU'RE NOT (unless you're acting professionally). To me, the most important thing is to be yourself. Even if you're totally stupid when you're yourself, it's better than if you're trying to act cool. Because it's just so lame when you think you're so funny and cool - but you're not.

I think that's it. Those are really things that annoy me. But you aren't allowed to say I'm those things too because according to the test, I'm egocentric.