Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Whirlwind Adventure! Not!

Ok so my kitchen was ready by Tuesday and I felt deprived from not baking in so long so I insisted on making Afghan Biscuits on that day.

When my mum fetched me from school, she said, 'Whatever you wanna buy, better buy now because I won't be in later and if you don't have anything you'll have to go out and buy it yourself.'

So we went to Bonjour and I bought flour, sugar and cornflakes.

Then later, later on, when I finally started baking and my mum was at the gym, I found out we didn't have any coconut. My mum had insisted earlier that we had some but I couldn't find any.

Hence, I made The Suggestion to my maid: why not I go out and buy some?

There must have been horror music playing in my maid's head 'cause she kept insisting she could go and buy the coconut while I stay at home but I was indignant! (wah chim word!) I knew she wouldn't know how to look for coconut.

So..... I WENT OUT ALL BY MYSELF! This was the first time I've ever been out all by myself with no one else around to save me from drug addicts (thanks, Chris!).

I started out with only my handphone and RM10.... Thanks to my dad's overprotectiveness, I knew what to do when you're by yourself: look around you and make sure no one is following you.

So I started walking out, passing by a dog outside my house and thinking to myself: I hope its not still here later or else it might smell my coconut and follow me home.

As I walked, I looked. And as I looked, I made sure I was looked at. (So that if I really was kidnapped people would see it happen.)

After crossing one road, I finally got to Bandar Baru! There were girls waiting there, probably after tuition or something and they kept looking at me. I ignored them and just walked in.

I looked for my coconut but alas! I only saw instant coconut which is de liquid type! I wanted dessicated coconut! So I looked and looked.... And finally..... I FOUND IT!

So then I paid for it and left. On my way home, I spotted this dude on a motorbike parked at the side of the road and when I passed he looked at me. I thought to myself: I'd better pay attention to this guy... I even had my tin of dessicated coconut ready to swing in case he tried anything...

So I crossed a little road and I was just around the corner from my house when I had to walk on the actual road. I looked behind me (paranoid as ever) and saw that there was no one behind me, so I turned! And I saw the guy who was waiting at the side of the road on his motorbike earlier drive right by me!

Hahahahahha!!!! Turns out he wasn't stalking me....

So that is how I got home safe and sound! I didn't get lost, kidnapped, raped, stalked, followed (there's a difference between stalked and followed), hit by a car, yelled at by anyone, chased by a dog, bitten by a dog, cheated, drugged, robbed, hit on or anything!!! Woohoo! Go, me!

My maid said she was super worried the whole time I was gone (even though it was only 20 minutes) because she was followed last time she went out.

But when my mum came home later on and I asked her if she was worried when I sms-ed her I went out, she just said, 'It's just around the corner. What did you think would happen?' Thanks a lot for your concern, MUM!

Ok that's the end of my wondrous adventure! Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to look around you when you go out alone!

Friday, July 3, 2009

This Week's Stuff

Today we had EST extra class and when WWY started talking about STE's or stuff like that, Chris, Tammy and I started writing this... Enjoy squinting!! I already made it quite big I think...

In case you don't know:
small, tiny words - Chris
robotic words / big, huge words - Me
normal, small words - Tammy

The day of the Pelancongan Farewell was also Megan's birthday so this is the card I made her! Her present is gonna be Kenny Roger's and some toy she wants... Forgot what it's called.... Neffrut or something...

I followed Chris home after our Pelancongan Farewell so that we could go to guitar together at 6pm. She was taking a nap and I was bored so I took out my camera when I saw her's lying on the table and took this video. It's supposed to be about the 2 cameras singing to each other because they're nearly identical. Hahahaha!!!! See if you can sense that they're singing to each other.