Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CTC 2008

I loved CTC 2008 but I didn't blog about it. It happened about 3 weeks ago and I didn't have real time to blog about it so I'd better do it now. Before I forget what happened. It helps that I have over 600 photos to refresh my memory.

First I shall introduce CTC. It stands for Combined Training Camp. It is held annually by 8th Georgetown (South) Sea Scouts (aka 8th South PFS scouts). Anyway, they - being really smart boys - invited 4 girl schools to participate in this camp: Convent Light Street, Convent Green Lane, St George's and PCGHS. Each school's Guides or Rangers combine with a few 8th South Scouts to form a patrol. However, this year, our patrol had no scouts.

Some pathetic scouts either couldn't go or backed out. Either way, our school was represented by only 10 Guides/Rangers, no Scouts. But we sure showed them.... We won the Overall Trophy! Not bad eh?

Our Guides managed to build a float, mascot and gadgets all by themselves. Without the help of Scouts! Well, maybe a few helped us... But the majority of the work was done by our own guides.

They did well in almost all the competitions and I am as proud as a mother hen! I feel like my babies just learned how to fly or something! Aw.... They made me teary-eyed...

Anyway, the funnest part of the entire camp is Cabaran time! There was this dug hole that was filled with water and leftover food and oil and eggs and flour and other disgusting things. I LOVED IT!

The participants had to get from one side to the other. That's it. Though the EXCOs did torture them a bit...

They even got a mud mask. Cool right?

In the end I just had to go in! I stepped into the deepest hole and the water came up to my thigh! I didn't wanna put my whole body in though. I wasn't gonna bathe in their flooded and full toilet! I just washed my leg and changed. Actuall, I was relatively clean...

These are my most favourite pictures! This looks so High School Musical, don't you think?

It took a lot for me to get to that platform I'm standing on. If you can't see me, I'm 2nd to the right. It took a lot of guts for me to get past that hanging bridge. It was so freaking scary. Can rock left, right, front, back and everything in between!
I even met a 'gay' couple.....

No la.. Actually 1 of them has a girlfriend already la... Don't wanna get him in trouble....

You know what the best thing was? I got a trophy for doing nothing! Well, nothing much...

On the last day of camp, we went to the beach! It was so fun and I walked on the sandy shores with my dear.... Luckily I didn't get pushed into the sea! Unlike our PL, Yuen Lin!

My fellow EXCOs pakat together and wore the same shirt. Didn't tell me.... Actually they did but I didn't hear... Oops...
I think that concludes our camp. But I really miss everybody! Luckily we're having a reunion soon. Can't wait! We'll see everybody else there! Especially my dear! Who is kinda pissed at me... Hehe...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

MMMR December 2008

Title: Ways To Live Forever
Author: Sally Nichols
Rating: ****

What it's about:
Sam is 11 years old and he suffers from leukaemia. His doctor and family decide to give up on chemotherapy because they discovered that his case of leukaemia can't be cured. After his school teacher (he's home-schooled) tells them to work on their writing skills 1 day, he decides to write a book.

His best friend and only classmate, Felix gives him great ideas and helps him accomplish the things on Sam's 'to-do-list'. However, Felix has cancer and is as unstable as Sam health-wise. Felix is determined to make the most of life while he still has it, and he tells Sam to reach for his dreams and that nothing impossible.

This is the story of a boy who knows all about death and knows that it's coming for him. But that doesn't stop him from living his life and achieving what normal, healthy kids don't have the drive to do.

Felix dies in the middle of the book and that means Sam is left to fend for himself. Sam dies in the end too. It's a sad but unavoidable ending.

What I think:
When I first borrowed the book, I knew it was gonna be sad because it said so on the cover. But it really is touching. Sam does his best to be independant and knowing that his time is coming only pushes him to achieve his goals. I like his family too. The author really makes it seem like a true story that a real little boy suffering from leukaemia wrote. And she's only 22 years old! Sam really makes you take a look at life and wonder what the hell you've accomplished in it. This book is best read when you're alone and un-interrupted.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bored Bored Bored!

I feel like I haven't blogged much lately.... And I don't think I'll have the chance to blog next week. So I'll just write some stuff....

Camp sucks. People suck. Everything sucks! I'm being emo so just ignore me. Hahahahaha.....

I'm gonna write about what I'm doing now. I'm playing Guess-the-sketch on Facebook. Some girl just called me a cow. I don't know why. Maybe because I keep winning. I called her a goat. She just asked if I'm a boy or a girl. I get this question a lot. I told her I'm a girl and she says I look a lot like a boy. I said that's 'cause I have short hair and boyish features. A guy just said I'm a ladyboy. I just laughed. Haha.

I won again. People are getting pissed. I'm gonna let others win. I'll do something else while waiting. I'm writing this post. Now the guy that called me a ladyboy has finally won. I'm glad. A lot of Malays playing now.

Why is no one online? I'm bored. Hence, this post. I'm blabbering about nothing. Lalalalala..... How pathetic. I'm still going to post this post though.

Now there are cheaters all over. Reminds me of Sick. Spelling all the time. I'm going offline now. To read Brisingr. Chrissy, did you know that it's pronounced BRISS-ing-ger. I didn't know that until my bro mentioned it and I checked the pronounciation. Oh well, bye!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movie Marathon!

I just came back from Gurney Plaza where I spent the past nearly 5 hours watching movies with Chrissy. We watched Twilight with Vinodtha and friends at 12.05pm.

We went into the cinema 5 minutes early and sat in our respective seats. Then, the lights went off and the advertisements started. We sneaked into the couple seats right at the back of the cinema. Hehe... V and friend came and sat on the couple seats next to us, on our right. The trailers were still on when a couple came towards us and told V they were sitting in their seats. V did the 'oops I thought this was my seat' act and went to another seat. Chrissy and I panicked everytime a couple walked in and headed to the top seats but nobody else came to claim their seats.

And so the movie started. When it did, Chrissy and I started gasping and clutching each other. Our hearts were beating really fast and we got goosebumps. I didn't expect Jacob to appear so fast but luckily Chrissy had more sense and warned me he was coming. Then,

he came on.....

His hair was hideous and long! So flat in the front. But I could still see his face beneath all the air. I started punching Chrissy and she kept punching me back. She clutched my hand and we were both trying not to make any noise. It was awesome......

The movie continued and then came Edward. This time it was Chrissy who grabbed my hand and started squeling. I told her to shut up. Rob was OK-looking but not heart-stoppingly gorgeous. Not bad la.. Not as bad as real life... There was even a part where he was handsome! That was a shock. He looks much better when he smiles....

Then came the part where he took her to the prom. They had just arrived at the school in Edward's car. Edward left to do don't know what and I was just asking Chrissy,'Where's the Aston-' when


Jacob came out from behind the trees in his formal tie and shirt! My heart was unprepared and immediately started galloping like mad! He would have looked really good if it wasn't for that stupid wig... Then he talked to Bella about the 'we're watching you' stuff and edward came back but my heart continued beating for the next 20 minutes. All the way into HSM 3.

Oh ya. The movie ended at 2.05pm and Chrissy and I rushed to the box office to buy tickets for the HSM 3 show at 2.20pm. Before starting on HSM 3, I'll tell you what I think of Twilight.

I rate it 7/10. We were very very disappointed when they censored the 1st kissing part. It was so idiotic. First Edward was leaning in close and we were all anticipating the much-waited-for kiss..... Suddenly he was throwing himself back against the wall! Stupid Malaysian screening! Go and censor the best part! The hot kiss! How anti-climatic. But I have to say, Mike Newton is cute! But not as cute as Kellan! Kellan was so adorable everytime he came on screen! He's definitely the hottest Cullen. And the cutest!

Now on to High School Musical 3.

Chemistry between Zac and Vanessa: sizzling. Songs: Awesome. Dances: AMAZING! And the ending was the best! You can see and sense and feel the emotion in their eyes! It makes you want to cry! My favourite dance was The Boys Are Back. That was great! And I was surprised by the little kids...

All in all, we had a great movie marathon apart from the scene-cutting in Twilight. I definitely want to watch those 2 movies again.