Monday, January 25, 2010


Everybody seems to be getting pimples lately. Is it the heat? Is it the late nights? Is it stress? Who knows!

But anyway, I was complaining to a friend of mine about them, and the things that so-called friend were saying made me think of Pimple Cookies!

What are pimple cookies, you ask? Well they are cookies made with strawberries in them so it looks like the cookies have pimples! Brilliant idea or what?!

So I went on Google and found a recipe for Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies (aka Pimple Cookies) and decided to try them out! They looked hideous but I thought maybe they would turn out nice...

(By the way, Chris was absolutely disgusted by the idea and Megan liked it. Typical...)

I finally bought my strawberries on Saturday and made the cookies on Sunday. I didn't like them.

First of all, they didn't look pimpley enough to me. Yeah, it was reddish but I didn't have enough strawberries so...

Secondly, they tasted HORRIBLE! The recipe did not tell me they were soft cookies but they came out soft, even after adding a few more minutes to the cooking time. And you could barely taste the strawberries in them! The only thing that gave it some taste was the chocolate chips. Though my brother and mum seemed to like it...

Ok, maybe they're not that bad.... I just don't like them. Never ever making them again! They tasted like kuih bulu with chocolate chips. Just imagine that!

Here're some pictures I took of them. Tell me if you think they actually look pimpley.

I also made Afghan biscuits today. And chocolate chip cookies... But I didn't take any pictures of those yet. Here're what my Afghan biscuits look like. Mmmmmm... Yummy....

This post was dedicated to my art. Get it? HAHAHHAA!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Mummy's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother and I woke up at 7am to make my mum breakfast in bed. I know, we're like the best kids on earth.....

My brother was smart enough to plan what to make. However, he forgot that sausages need time to defrost after taking them out of the freezer and that's where I come in!!!! I also made the toast and even put the butter on them... Awesome or what? Sometimes i amaze myself...

Oh yeah and my mum said we didn't put any flowers on the tray but who thinks of stuff like that?!

Anyway, I also made her a super cute card which was 100% my idea n made by moi! My art has obviously improved a lot. *smirks*

My bro's card looked like something made by a 5 year-old. And he's supposed to be the artistic one! *snorts*

Then at night, we went to Hard Rock Cafe where my dad bought my mum her birthday present - dinner.

My mum looking happy 'cause she knows she has an amazing daughter.

We ordered NACHOS!!!!!!!!!!!! So good........ They were SO BIG too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bro looking like all his Christmases have come in one go, 'cause he's got cake in front of him.

The band came on at 10.30pm and I really liked them! The lead guitarist was REALLY GOOD and he could even play the intro for Sweet Child O' Mine with his guitar behind his head! Cool or what?! The girl singer was my dad's favourite. I liked her too. She sang nice!

They were called The Hybrid Band and 2 of the band members were Thai while the rest were Filipino. The bassist is, by far, the cutest member! He looks like a fisherman! Just look at him!

Cute right??????? He and the drummer are Thai. The drummer was cute too. You should see him when he's playing. Hahahaha......

'The picture below is of the lead guitarist who is just oh-so-cool. Thought I hate his hair. It was long and straightened! But I guess rock stars need long hair...

Here are more pictures of them. The whole band. Try and catch them at Hard Rock Cafe soon, 'cause I think they're leaving next week........ I'm not sure.....