Friday, May 22, 2009

Stalking The Boy Next Door

I am doing precisely what my title suggests. I am stalking the boy next door. His name is Matthew and he's from London. He came out last Saturday and is leaving this Sunday. He is a Eurasian who (sort of) speaks Mandarin.

He's living with his grandparents and everytime they go out, I peek out the window and try to get a glimpse of him. Everytime I walk by their house, I try to look in to see if I can see him. I am really doing everything short of pulling out the binoculars.

My mum is even worse. Yesterday she yelled over to me, 'Matthew just came home!' and both of us ran to the window to see him get out of the car. Then I could only see his feet so I was kinda sad... He has solemn, brown eyes. SO CUTE!

Then I wanted to hear him talk 'cause I've never heard him talk before and my dad says he has a British accent! So my mum said, 'Let's go into the bathroom! We can hear better in there!'

See how Matthew has caught everyone's attention with his charm and cute-ness?

*sigh* Still haven't talked to him yet... Hopefully I'll see him tomorrow... I hear he goes to the beach everyday. Maybe I'll go see him at the beach! Hahahahahha!!!! But I think he's too shy so even if I go near him, he won't talk to me... I'll keep on watching from a distance....