Friday, November 21, 2008


You can skip this post if you're not really interested. I'm just writing it for fun. There's nothing important in it. Just letting you know.

I was watching Camp Rock yesterday and it's really not as good as High School Musical. But I like some of the songs. Gotta Find You by Joe Jonas is my favourite. I like Our Time Is Here and This Is Me too. The bitchy girl, Tess isn't really pretty in the movie but I think she's pretty in the behind-the-scenes part.

Actually, the night before I watched Camp Rock, I had a dream about the Jonas Brothers, particularly Nick Jonas. I don't know why. Then after I watched the movie, I realised that Nick Jonas is hot! At first, (like almost everybody else) I liked Joe because he appears hotter at first sight and I like his singing voice more.

Then, I didn't like Joe anymore when I saw the pictures of Camp Rock. He looked really fake for some reason.

It was at that time that I started liking Nick 'cause he always looks so natural and fun and happy! And he's the only one of them that didn't straighten his hair, I like his curls better. But I didn't think he was hot.... Just cute.

But after watching the movie and hearing his real voice, I sorta developed a tiny crush on him. Again, don't know why. He has the best talking voice among all 3 brothers(in my opinion). I just don't like Kevin's voice and the way he acts so stupid in the movie. I know he's getting paid to act dumb but I just don't like it.

I found a lot of Nick fans' websites. Here are some pics I found too. You can tell those girls got it bad....

Oh well.... I still fancy Taylor! He's still no. 1 in my heart!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

MMMR November 2008

Title: Morrigan's Cross
Author: Nora Roberts
Rating: ***** (This is not a 5 letter swearword. It's 5 stars)

What it's about:
Hoyt Mac Cionaoith(mac KHEE-nee)/McKenna(as it's called in present time) is a sorceror from 12th century Ireland who is transported to present day New York. He is sent there by the Goddess of War, Morrigan, who is also his ancestor of some kind. His brother, Cian(KEY-an) was turned into a vampire when he was still in the 12th century and now he's rich and still alive-or as alive as a vampire can be.

Morrigan told Hoyt he needs to form a circle of 6 to protect the worlds(there are more than 1) against the evil Vampire Queen, Lilith. This circle of 6 consists of the sorceror(Hoyt), the witch, the scholar, the warrior, the one of many forms and the one who is lost. Therefore, he must set out to find these other 5 people to complete the circle. Morrigan gives them 3 months to prepare themselves. A month to gather, one to learn and one to know.

Hoyt manages to convince his brother(who is also his twin! I forgot to mention that) to help him and Cian's best friend, King comes along too. Hoyt also had a dream about a witch called Glenna who helped him and he tries to find her. Don't worry, he didn't have to bother, she found him 1st. So now he has found 4(he thinks King is the warrior), he's got 2 left.

They travel back to Ireland, where it all started. In the centuries that Cian lived, he managed to get rich through businesses and other stuff I don't know, so he was rich enough to buy back their old family home and grounds. They go back to live there and it brings back memories for Hoyt. The other 2 come to them from Gaell which is another world and they are Moira(MWA-ra), future queen of Gaell and her cousin Larkin, who's a shapeshifter. I don't wanna ruin the suspense and tell you everything. Just gonna say it's a really good book and the sequels are even better. Don't read the spoilers unless you really want to know what happens or you've read it before. I'm warning you.

King was kidnapped and turned into a vampire and was then killed by Cian. Turns out King wasn't the warrior after all but they didn't know that. The actual warrior that completes the circle is Blair Murphy, Hoyt and Cian's youngest sister, Nola's descendent. That means Hoyt and Cian are her great-great-great(and many many many more)uncles. Hoyt and Glenna also get married and on the night of their handfasting, they are attacked by vampires and they have their first big battle.
What I think:
Filled with hot guys, beautiful girls, powerful magic and bloodthirsty vampires, this book is THE book to read if you're looking to just sit back, not relax and enjoy the story. (I'm not done. Just lazy to write now)
A story of romance and courage. Fighting scenes do not disappoint and vampire-lovers will love it. You'd better get ready book 2 & 3 of this trilogy because when you're done, you're gonna want more.

Look out for:
Book 2: Dance of the Gods

Book 3: Valley of Silence

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bitten by a Tiger

Every Monday, I go to Chrissy's house after school for guitar class. I eat at her house, her mum fetches us to class, I go back to her house, then my parents come and fetch me home. Except, this week(last night), it was a holiday so my mum took me to her house, went to a dinner, Chrissy's mum fetched us to guitar, then I went back to her house to wait for my mum.

As usual, when I wait for my mum, I play with her pets. That means I carry her TIGER cat, Africa around and talk to her dogs, Max and Toffy.
Afica, the tiger cat
So last night, she took Africa out of the cage and passed her to me. I carried Africa all over the house. We watched TV, ogled hot guys in Chrissy's room, walked around the kitchen..... Then I remembered that I left my mobile phone in my bag outside and if my mum tried to call me, I wouldn't be able to hear her. So I took Africa with me outside to get it. I got it out of my bag and headed back to the house.

Suddenly, Africa went nuts and started squirming around biting me! It didn't really hurt 'cause she's just a tiny kitten but Chrissy's mum saw and immediately shouted for Chrissy to come out. Chrissy ran to the door and immediately took her cat off me and put her back in her cage. I looked at my arm and saw there were puncture wounds! Courtesy of Africa. I told Chrissy, 'Your cat bit me.' Chrissy panicked! She was like 'OMG! I'm so sorry! She bit you are?! I'll get the first aid kit!'

I slowly walked into her house and when I got to her table, she had the first aid kit all ready and open. She pulled out anticeptic swabs and started cleaning my wounds. Africa had apparently bitten me multiple times. She kept apologising the whole time. Saying she don't know why the cat bit me when its never bitten her. So I said its ok. But we both knew my dad would freak when he saw it.

We were right. Both my parents reacted exactly as I predicted.

Mum: Hah, see... Your father sure scold you. He told you before... Don't carry the cat around...
Dad: Stupid! I told you how many times? Don't touch animals! You don't listen to me har.. Now get bitten... Stupid! Tomorrow you're going to get a tetanus shot.

My mum told me a rabies shot is gonna hurt and I didn't want an injection but Chrissy told me I'd better listen to my dad even though her cats are clean. So the following day, I went to the doctor. This is what happened.

*Myra walkes into the room while mum parks car*
Doc: So what's wrong?
Myra: I got bitten by a cat.
Doc: What form are you in?
Myra: Form 4.
Doc: Did you take the ATT shot last year? Anti tetanus?
Myra: Ya...
Doc: Then its ok.
Myra: You mean I don't need to take anything else?
Doc: No. You'll be fine.
Myra: Oh... Ok.. Thank you...
*Myra exits room*
*Myra's mum walks into clinic*
Mum: Done already are?
Myra: Ya.. Don't need anything else 'cause I got the shot last year.
Mum: Oh.. Ok..
Receptionist: Doctor says no charge. You can go.
Myra: Ok. thank you!
*Myra and Mum exit clinic*

Ta-da. Then we went to the library! And Gurney Plaza. Chrissy said I'd get scars on my arm. Wanna see what they look like now?

ps Chrissy was nice enough to google rabies and she said her cats don't have any symptoms so hopefully I'm safe. My maid said her neighbour once died after getting bitten by a cat though. I think it was a wild cat.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Civic Exam

Last Friday was the day I took my Civic exam in school. I don't see the point in taking that exam when we already have Moral but the government makes it mandatory. I don't know why they only started it in my year.....

Anyway, i finished the exam in half an hour after checking a few times. I thought it was mostly common sense so I didn't study much. Only about 2 pages. That did come out!

So after I finished doing the paper, I was bored and thought about what Sick told me. She suggested that we learn how to write with our left hand in the holidays. (I know it sounds like something Megan would say) So I started writing with my left hand. In pencil of course! If not the teacher(Ms Hehehehe) would think a 4-year-old did my paper.

Then I was still bored. So I switched back to my right hand and wrote down everything I was thinking. What appeared on my paper was a page load of crap. I wrote 1 page full of words without hesitating! How cool is that?!

Next, I thought of some lyrics. Then I wrote them down and created a (sort of)song! The lyrics are below but I can't sing it for you. Maybe you'll get a tune.

You tell me you don't like nerds and yet you're going out with Amy
Her frizzy hair is rockin' in a different way-ay-ay
Her glasses poke you, when you try to kiss her
Her braces make your tongue get a blister
And still you say you'd rather date her than me?!

I don't get how you work
I don't get what you mean
You're on a planet called Mars
While I am stuck on Venus
I always wished I knew what you were thinking
'cause everytime you speak
You sound so alien to me

It sounds like a mixture of Click Five and McFly. Chris told me I should finish the song, who knew? Maybe McFly would wanna buy it! I said, I don't think so. But its fun to write! I hope I don't fail the exam though....

That's it for now. Bye!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friends, Friends, Friends....

That was a video Chris, Sick, Megan and I made for Ty. Hope you like it, Ty! I think Megan is so pretty as a you! I sound just like you when i 'eat' the pizza and say 'Hey, That tastes good!' We put a lot of effort into it. But that's ok. That's what friends do. They're there for each other no matter what. Well... The real ones do anyway...

That's what this post is all about. Friends! I know how lucky I am that I have found friends who click with me. We have disagreements of course. We just manage to get past them. That's how we get along so well actually. We balance each other out so well with our strengths and weaknesses, the bad things don't matter that much whereas the good times seem so distinguished!

Many people I know still haven't found their special friend. The friends they have are good friends-but not best friends. A best friend is the person you turn to when you need something. Whether it's a shoulder to cry on, a ride to school, a listening ear,someone to annoy, constructive criticism.......

So I guess I just wanna say how much I treasure my friends! Hey, guys! You know who you are! Even though I annoy your knickers off, and talk your ear off, and stink your noses off, you're still my best buds and as we said today, I hope we'll still be friends when we're old, dead and cremated! (I dunno about you but I wanna be cremated) So that's it for now, bye, friends! Wait for your hugs next year!