Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Type

Ok, Ty. Here's my part of the deal. To people who don't know what's going on, go check out Ty's blog. I'm too lazy to explain.

Things I like in guys

1. He shouldn't be sensitive. I don't mean he has to be insensitive but he can't be sensitive. You get me? As in he shouldn't cry over nothing (cause that's not manly) or get insulted by everything.

2. He should be fun! I can't stand killjoys. (If you don't know what's a killjoy, they're exactly what they sound like. They kill joy.)

3. He has to be funny. (A little different from being fun.) That means he has to make me laugh. (which isn't that hard to do)

4. Obviously, the kind and caring thing goes without saying. Who wants an evil boyfriend?

5. He must be understanding. Kind of like Sick. We can practically read each other's minds! High-5, Sick!

6. I know this is weird but he's gotta be rude. At least a bit. I don't want a total nerd. If you know me, you'll know that all my friends aren't afraid to speak their mind and insult people. (well, most of them anyway)

7. He should be open-minded. Accept gays and all that stuff. I don't want a prude.

8. He CANNOT be insecure. He has to be full of self confidence. Cocky or humble, I don't really care but he must be SELF-CONFIDENT!

9. He has to act the gentleman and do gentlemanly things like opening the door and footing the bill (when i don't offer to pay) and other stuff like that.

10. He must have the guts to humiliate himself in public. Like dancing or singing or anything weird. He SHOULD NOT be afraid of what people think and just be who he is.

11. He must be warm. Both literally and figuratively. Like my space heater.

12. Sick reminded me of this important characteristic. He MUST know how to listen because, like Sick, I talk a lot and he's gotta know how to handle it. Actually, I talk a LOT more than Sick.

Looks-wise: (these are optional and subject to change depending on the person)
1. Preferably a brunette. No offense but I think most blondes are more wimpy.

2. Nice eyes. I look at a person's eyes 1st so I'd like him to have nice ones.

3. Short hair. I DO NOT like long-haired guys that think they're cool. Because they're NOT.

4. Not skinny. I wouldn't like hugging a stick. (I know, Sick and Chris. I'll hug him. I told you I don't mind hugging, just BEING hugged)

5. Big organs. ie: big brain, big heart, big... (Chris, I know what you're thinking...)

6. Taller than me. I'm not that tall so that shouldn't be too hard.

7. Overall, must look manly and not wimpy. I'd choose The Phantom over Raoul any day.
8. I like moles. Not the chemistry ones but the round, black 'beauty marks'. So I usually like guys with moles. And also NOT the PCK kind of mole!

I think that's all. If I think of more, I'll add them. It's hard to live up to Taylor so whoever this guy is, he's great! Anyone who knows anyone with the description above, please contact me. Haha!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Braces Off!

Yesterday I was prepared to take off my braces this morning. NO MORE REFLECTING TEETH! So I cam-whored a lot. These are the last few pictures of me with braces. Warning: serious cam-whoring ahead. And I know I look really blur but it was late.

As of today, I NO LONGER WEAR BRACES - on my top row of teeth. When I got there, the doctor had another look at my teeth and declared that my bottom row of teeth is still not stable enough so I'll have to keep on the bottom braces until October 9 when my braces will truly be totally off. Here's what I look like now.

I know! I look like a horse. Well, Chris, at least I don't have bunny teeth! Hahahahaha..........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Holiday

I just came back from Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu. No, I did not see any turtles hatching. Yes, I saw many, many, many Malays. I'm not trying to be rascist or anything, but seriously. The ratio of Malays to Chinese I saw was 10:1. That was in the shopping mall. I'm not kidding. I felt like an alien or something. Like my species was dying out. Creepy...

As a result, almost all the restaurants were halal. We didn't mind that. The food was good. Especially this ayam percik thing. It's like chicken with santan sauce on it. Nice...

But I was kind of bored there. I mean they only have 2 malls. 1 which reminds me of Midlands and 1 that reminds me of Gurney Plaza. That's why, on my 1st morning in KB, I stayed in the hotel room watching House of Wax. Amazing. The 1st real horror show I watch and it's in a hotel. I was so wishing for my girlfriends so that we could scream together. Chad Michael Murray wasn't ugly in it. Actually, he looked not bad. But Paris Hilton is really the worst actress I've ever seen. Even her screams sounded fake! I mean, what kind of person can't scream well?

We drove around a lot and the beach there was way better than our's here in Penang. It's a whole different sea over there and boy was it beautiful!

I thought the colour reminded me of Ian's eyes (The Host) so I tried drawing him. This is what happened.

Suitable? Or maybe sky blue is better...

I don't really think either 1 of them look nice. I prefer sapphires. Oh well...

Anyway, we would have really gotten lost on out trip if it wasn't for this device!

The GPS! The greatest invention so far! But this GPS had an obsession with a place called Jeli. It kept trying to take us on HUGE U-turns around Jeli. Don't know why also...

Moving on, I shall talk about my hotel. The hotel in KB was the Renaissance Hotel. Really nice. However, at night, in the dark-ghosts come out to play.... IT'S TRUE! I have proof. Look closely at this picture. Do you see the ghost hovering beside my dad?

Creepy huh?

We were supposed to go to KT on the 3rd day and since all the hotels on the island were fully booked, my dad said maybe we'll stay in a chalet. That reminded me of OBML (Outward Bound Malaysia, Lumut). Sleeping on a wooden double decker bed. So I took a picture of my KB hotel to compare.

I was already bracing myself for a chalet with no hot water, lots of mosquitos, no TV, no shampoo............. When we stopped for lunch at Primula Beach Resort and-whadayanoe?-they have an empty room! It was a junior suite and big enough for my family of 4 so we took it! No RM90 a night chalet for us anymore! YAY! It had a super huge bed that my dad, mum and I shared.

Me looking sexy on the bed.. Haha!

My brother slept on a spare mattress in the next room. (The suite consists of 2 adjoining rooms) but there was a really dumb door. They installed the chain the wrong way and this is what it looked like.

Makes no sense right? I opened it while the chain was in place and it just opened! Haha!

And there was this pillow on the huge bed. It is the longest pillow I've ever seen! Look at it!

Oh and while we were there, my brother and I got hooked on dodol. He ate 7 or 8 and I ate 5. It's addictive....

Another picture of the beach. It was taken in the morning from outside our 11th floor lift.

That's all for now but before I go, I wanna show you a restaurant where I had this DELICIOUS drink! It's also situated in E-Gate so we Penang people can go! The drink is called Snowflake Tiramisu and it contains coffee, tiramisu essence, vanilla and my most favourite ingredient-MINT! Nice lo! So yummy! Go try it out if you have the chance. You'll love it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Burnin' Up

This is a parody of the Jonas Brothers' Burnin' Up and I LOVE THIS SONG! I'm going to dedicate this parody to Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner. I LOVE YOU! ps If you don't read Twilight, you won't know what I mean.

You're hot
When I'm cold
You warm me up
Cause' you know
Who I am
But you're tall
You got me on my toes

I'm slipping into the Alpha
And I'm trying to keep from killing Bella
Baby, you turn the temperature hotter
And I'm burning up
Burning up
From you, baby

I fell
So fast
And found myself-

Big paws
Sharp fangs
Not by yourself
Got your nice, dog breath

I'm slipping into the Alpha
And I'm trying to keep from killing Bella
Baby, you turn the temperature hotter
And I'm burning up
Burning up
From you, baby

Phase in the trees
All I can see is you
Staring me down
I know you feel it too

I'm slipping into the Alpha
And I'm trying to keep from killing Bella
Baby, you turn the temperature hotter
And I'm burning up
Burning up
From you, baby

Irritable Panda Bear

An irritable panda bear

Awarded by
Queen Christina
to Myra

Ya, Chris. Thanks a lot>

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Exam Questions

The Host - Stephenie Meyer
Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer

Based on the two novels above, compare and contrast two characters whom you fancy. Then, decide who you like better and stick with him.

Jacob Black
-has the ability to turn into a wolf and I LOVE dogs!
-one of a kind
-good leader
-knows his cars
-good teacher
-helps girlfriends forget about their ex-boyfriends
-hot (both literally and in looks)
-can protect you from evil vampires
-acts as your personal Sun
(I can go on and on so I'd better stop now)

-when he gets pissed, he's really pissed
-he's in love with another girl
-he lives in America
-he's gonna stay young as long as there's vampires and I'll be old

Ian O'Shea
-great boyfriend
-can protect his loved ones
-he's human
-he cares for all creatures and not just his own species
-can kick his brother's ass
-strong, though not as strong as Jacob
-does not discriminate BASED ON LOOKS
(I know there's more but I only read 1 book about him!)

-he's in love with another girl (aren't they all?)
-gets pissed when someone hurts his loved ones (except for his brother)
(He's too perfect, can't think of anything else)

Conclusion: I want them both.

State if the statement below is true or false.

'52262 + 6972 = 5683 or 426 + 6972 = 5683'