Monday, November 30, 2009

Hotness Intensified

I have no idea whether my title is grammatically correct but that is how I feel about the wolf pack in New Moon.

New Moon would be completely not worth watching if it weren't for the wolf pack. Alex Meraz who plays Paul (the wolf who got pissed and Jake had to beat him up), is the hottest werewolf there!

There was this scene in Emily's house where they were all waiting for Paul and Jake to come back and when Paul came in, he sat down and looked over his shoulder at Bella, grinned a bad boy grin and said, 'Sorry.'


That concludes what I like about the movie. Here are some pictures to ogle.

Alex Meraz *swoons*

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Script for The Script

Today I was relaxing while watching my mum bake a cake. I listened to my iPod. I heard a lot of my nice songs. Then The Script came on. I am a new fan of The Script. I love their songs.

I thought of making up a story using their lyrics and I came up with this: (before reading, please know that "I" is a little boy)

I love listening to the script so much that I incorporate their lyrics into my daily life. However, I always seem to get in trouble when I start saying them.

First my dad told me to take out the trash after dinner. But my favourite show was on so I said, "I'm not moooovinggggg....... Yeah......"

I kena whack.

Then, the next day in school, I finally got the guts to tell the girl I like, "I'm yours...."

The thing I didn't know was that she had just asked for someone to do her homework for her.

After school, I went to church and the pastor asked me if I had finished reading the Bible. I decided to reply with, "Now I'm looking throught the Bible, trying to find a loophole."

The pastor thought I was trying to find a way to sin and gave me a long lecture.

When I was walking out of the church later on, I saw another little boy crying at the side of the road and went up to him to say, "Together we cry."

He punched me and continued to beat me up until I cried out, "I'm falling to pieeeeeeeecessssss!!!!"

When I got home, my mum told me we were going to her friend's party and I objected with, "I'don't care, 'cause I won't know, anybody there."

She whacked me too.

In the end, I sat alone in my room going, "It's the end where I begin...."

After my mum saw it, she asked me why "I" keeps getting hit. I said it just fit the lyrics...

Megan liked it. If you like it, leave a comment. Here's a picture of The Script to keep your eyes busy while you think about it.

The members are:
  • Danny O'Donoghue - lead vocals, keyboards
  • Mark Sheehan - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Glen Power - drums, backing vocals (rhythm guitar on recordings)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Story That Led Me Here

I know I'm 1 week late but better late than never right? So today I'm gonna blog about my graduation day and everything related. Sit yourself down for a long post.

Ok so when I was 1 of the 8 (that sounds so cool, like the Power Of Five) chosen as the 2009 graduation dinner committee, I felt kind of sad that none of my best friends were chosen (ie: Chris) but now, looking back, I realise that might be a good thing.

If I had a close friend with me on the committee, I wouldn't have bothered with anyone else and wouldn't have communicated much with the rest of the committee. I can see this is what happened in YE last year. Megan and Chris were in YE with me and what happened? We stuck to ourselves and didn't mix much with the other people 'cause we knew we already had our own little posse. We didn't need anyone else as long as we had each other. This might be bad sometimes 'cause you become antisocial and don't really connect with your other colleagues (did I spell it right?).

So anyway, I was stuck with 7 other people I didn't really know very well for a year. The worst thing was that Chaw Yeh was our chairlady and I didn't really like Chaw Yeh last year. (Don't worry Chaw Yeh I like you now!!) I don't really remember why but I think it was partly 'cause she was the mean-looking AMD and I didn't know her. Also because she said something to Megan and Chris about 'not contributing' or something.

So I was thinking to myself "What? Chaw Yeh's chairlady? How am I gonna work with her for an entire YEAR?! With no friends near me!" I wasn't happy. Then besides Chaw Yeh there were Kasvini (I liked her), Hsieh Zhen (never really mixed with her that much... But she seemed nice) Shi Han (I knew her and liked her so I was ok with her), Ee Lynn (didn't know her), Siew Chii (sort of knew her) and Karen (who the heck is that?).

At the start of the year, I stuck to Kasvini and Shi Han 'cause I didn't know the others well. I got to know Yee Lynn and Siew Chii 'cause we were the ones who ran around telling classes to hurry up. I still didn't talk to Chaw Yeh, Hsieh Zhen and Karen but I was starting to see they weren't so bad.

The as the year wore on, I was forced to mix with every single person on the committee 'cause we had to practice our dance, think of a theme, plan this, plan that....... I realised it was actually kinda fun being on the committee. I really didn't know Chaw Yeh could be so sampat and that Hsieh Zhen's quiet and serious exterior was hiding a psycho girl who laughs at everything. (Still didn't mix much with Karen so I'm not gonna talk about her. I'm still not close to her anyway.)

So hor, by the time we were skipping class everyday to hang out and do stuff (can do stuff and have fun at the same time so don't accuse us of slacking), I was looking forward to seeing our mismatched and dysfunctional committee.

It wasn't all fun and roses though, we had our ups and downs. There were times when I'd feel like punching someone and there were times when I didn't wanna leave their good company. All of us had strong personalities and of course there was the clashing of horns but that's normal in any committee.

I realised how we all changed in a year. Well I don't know about them but I changed (I think). I grew up while hanging around kids and found out that stress can do funny things to people. I learned that you can't get along with everyone, you can't please everyone and how even little things can change a person's view of you. (Damn I sound wise!)

Chaw Yeh, I like you now. Like your whole family la. *winks* It was nice to realise you're not mean and that you can act so stupid when you're around stupid people. You're good at taking charge and making sure people get things done. You're not afraid of telling people off and that's a good thing. I like the way you say. 这是的? SHEIIII!!!!!

Kasvini, please learn to be more punctual. (I don't think you read my blog. Hehe!) Take it easy. Don't stress so much over little things.

Hsieh Zhen, who knew you could act so 幼稚. You very funny la. Big, big house with only round things. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You give your opinion on everything and usually you're right (only on the artsy stuff). You act weird sometimes.

Shi Han, I like the way you're so direct and don't beat about the bush. You have good taste in music and you're good at computer stuff. I already knew I liked you.

Yee Lynn, you've got a lot of contacts and it seems like you know everyone. You don't like complimenting Shi Han and you also act like a kid a lot. (Hey most of us do so you fit right in) You know your drama stuff and that helps.

Siew Chii, (I just realised I have never seen Siew Chii online before. Does she even have a computer?) I like the way you do your eyes at people. A bit like juling but funnier. You're a bit blur sometimes. Haha!

Karen, no comment. I don't know you well enough.

I would like to thank all of you guys for dealing with each other and not causing each other serious harm.

Most of all, I wanna thank those people who came to the auditorium last year to choose your committee. You guys chose well. We rock! If you say you loved this year's grad night, it's thanks to you guys too. Without you, we'd be nothing. Seriously.

Chris and Megan, your ears have been very patient. You've endured me a lot. All the time. Not just about the grad night. You see I told you I could keep secrets!

Special thanks to the technician's daughter and the engineer's daughter plus Hsieh Zhen. Without you guys, I'd be a sobbing mess. You saved us all. And Chaw Yeh, I know you're happy I gave you work to do. I did you a favour by tripping over that wire. And don't you dare ever forget about the lam mee thing! Hsieh Zhen, you're the best plastic surgeon I know. You did wonders with our broken backdrop. I loved being the 'backdrop mia people'.

Who else to thank? Err.... My mum? For err.... being my unloading bin. All the secrets I kept from Megan and Chris went to her. Thanks for telling me what you think about everything! It helped.

Pn Chan probably never gonna see this but I wanna thank her too. She gave valuable advice and allowed us to skip class.

Chaw Yeh help me thank your dad for fixing the thing at the last minute! I was panicking at the side until he came along.

Zhao Min! Thanks for your lip gloss!

I wanna thank myself too, for doing such awesome make up last Saturday night. I'll give myself a pat on the back.

I think that's it. I hope next year's committee knows they're got their work cut out for them. *smirks* Haiyah they all drama people sure can la!