Monday, November 21, 2011

M is for Megawesome


This morning I had my first ever paper for STPM and right before I got to school, I realised something with a shock - THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME I DIDN'T GET TO CHEERS WITH MEGAN BEFORE A MAJOR EXAM!!

Ever since we became friends in Form 2, Megan and I have made it a ritual to cheers each other right before any exams we have and so, for every paper in PMR and SPM, we clinked bottles and cheers-ed (is this a real word?? who cares!)! 

However, as we all know, MEGAN IS NOT IN FORM 6 AND IS NOT SITTING FOR STPM!! Hence, I started getting a little disappointed about no cheers-ing and texted Megan. Less than a minute later, I got a reply! 

"Aww... Come come! Fake cheers. Ok i'm holding my tumbler now. *fake cheers!* gulp. Ahh..."

YAYY!!!! Haha even from approximately 2km away, Megan can still cheers with me! This is only one of the reasons why she's such a Megawesome friend! She is honestly the most thoughtful and considerate friend anyone could have, with the purest heart imaginable! Even to the point of naivety...

Night before my exam, I signed into Facebook and found a message by Megan with a picture attached. It had a '+' sign and a drawing of a petrol pump with petrol dripping out of it. The title of this picture was -you guessed it- JIA YOU! Hahaha typical Megan. She also wrote that she couldn't send offline files through MSN and knew that Facebook is the second place I frequent the most. HOW WELL YOU KNOW ME, MEGAN!

By the way, she did another drawing similar to that before my trials too. 'ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR TEST' very nice drawing made with Paint.

Another thing, Megan is never too busy for you. Need someone to rant to? She's there. Need some advice? She's there. Just wanna share some stupid video or picture? She'd love it. Need someone to accompany you to some dinner/event? Megan's your girl! She's even willing to dress up as a 'German' girl just 'cause you asked her to! (Pretty braids, Megan!)

Ok so Megan might be blur at times and need you to explain a joke to her. But nobody's perfect! And she's as close to perfect as any friend can get! Especially for someone like me who talks a lot and needs someone to listen without worrying you're boring her. :P

Oh yeah and let's not forget Megan introduced me to Skype's awesome secret emoticons. She's the M to my M and we live in a world of colourful pellets of chocolates!! Sometimes with nuts included!! :D

All in all, I LOVE YOU, MEGAN! (Let's see if you'll see this post *smirk*)

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  1. Awwww... That's so sweet! :) Megan really is a megawesome person!