Monday, October 3, 2011

May I Take Your Order?

Somehow, today I was thinking about the days when I used to work in HD and I found that I really really really really miss working there. :(

It's not the workmates. Missing the workmates isn't too bad because I can walk by and see them anytime or go out with them anyway. It's the things that are unique to work and can't be done anywhere else that I miss. Such as taking people's orders, recommending new items, telling them not to order the fondue, etc...

I remember once there was this big table sitting at table 11-13 and I went to take their order. They were wondering whether they should order the fondue or something else and asked me 'Do you think we should get the fondue?' I asked if they actually wanted the fruits and biscuits and they were like 'No, we don't really want the biscuits, we just want the chocolate sauce.' so I just told them 'Then don't get the fondue, get the Seventh Heaven or Paradise, depends on how many people wanna share it and you can always order extra chocolate sauce.'

They said 'That's not a bad idea! I think we'll get both!' and they also ordered some Banana Splits. It just makes me SO HAPPY to make people happy. I wonder if that's some sort of syndrome...

And then there's the kids! Not the spoiled annoying ones who demand things, but the cute, shy ones whose faces just light up when the ice cream arrives. I always feel like I'm bringing them a rainbow or something, watching their big smiles and bright eyes. Let's not talk about when that kid puked and I had to clean it up though. Boys are just useless...

Oh and let's not forget the cute guys you get to ogle while working. It's just your curse to be ogled if you're hot so live with it. Not long after I started working, there was this table with 4 people: a couple with another guy and his mum. So from what I could tell, the older woman was mother to the 2 guys and the girl was one's of the guy's girlfriend/fiancee/wife. I was running up and down the stairs all night and knowing me, I was sweating already.

So when I was taking this particular table's order, the mum and girlfriend were off to the toilet or something and the 2 guys were ordering. After I recommended some stuff, (Cappuccino Truffle is a must, and also Paradise if you're sharing) I repeated their order and asked 'Anything else?' and the guy with the girlfriend was like 'Yeah my brother here was wondering if he could have your number.' and his brother was like shooting him looks and going 'Har har he's just joking....' and I just said 'Nope, but you can have my shop's number.', feeling secretly flattered. (The brother who asked could've been just trying to put his brother in a bad spot to make him embarrassed but I don't care!) Can't deny the single brother had really nice eyes though, he was kinda cute.

Hahaha this reminds me of how people had to ask me 'What's your name?' because all my name tag said at the time was 'Trainee, Junior Crew' and then after telling them my name, they would go 'How do you spell that?' That was kinda fun somehow. Sometimes I forgot my name wasn't on my name tag and thought to myself 'Can't they read?' Mean yet true. :P

Another thing I miss a lot: THE TAIWANESE FAMILY!! Honestly, they were my favourite regulars. Always speaking with their Taiwanese accent and always so friendly, you just can't not like them! I hear they don't come every week now, just some weeks. I remember how they came as a family but didn't talk much, mostly just doing their own thing. Mum would be doing Sudoku or something, Dad would be playing with his iPad, Son would be reading his book (mostly thrillers and crime novels). The son had super long hair that all the girls envied and always wore plain, black T-shirts with jeans and steel-toed boots, thought sometimes he wore loafers. WHAT AN ADORABLE FAMILY! They also brought along their daughter and her family when she was out (I guess from Taiwan??) She has 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl, kinda cute and not noisy at all! (I like)

I miss working... I wonder if it'll be the same if I worked somewhere else. We shall see next year. Not sure if anywhere can live up to HD... but I could be biased. :P

Until next time, my dear, abandoned blog!! (haha no one reads you anyway, except me!)


  1. and finally you updated! woohoo~~
    see you tomorrow!!! XD

  2. Who says no one reads your blog? I read it! You should post more often... If you have the time. :)